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The holidays are just around the corner, the city is preparing for the traditional transformations that mark this magical time of year. The holiday spirit is everywhere and the Gigstarter Team has prepared a list for everybody who wants to organize the perfect event. After taking you on a journey through the history of music that characterizes this season, allow us to inspire you with our selection of artists who can transform your party into a warm and welcoming musical event. Let's get in the holiday mood together!

The Journey of Holiday Music

Before diving deeper into our personal favorites, we will elaborate on the importance of live music during the Holidays. Music represents a lot more than just a cheerful background. The tradition of celebrating Christmas through music has ancient roots and has developed in many cultures over the centuries. Among the various genres of music, carols hold a particular historical significance. The word 'carol' comes from the French word 'caroller', which means to sing joyfully. Although it origins from the middle ages, it was during the Victorian era that this unique genre evolved into a profound representation of people's faith in God. 'O Holy Night' and 'Silent Night' are perhaps the most famous examples of these songs that, in addition to promoting a sense of unity among the faithful, embody people's desire to stay together during the Christmas period.

While carols were undoubtedly the songs of the people, during the Baroque era another genre began to be associated with Christmas: classical music. The Church started recruiting famous classical composers to create operas that could be played during Sunday services to increase the number of faithful and, of course, the offers. Composers like Vivaldi, Bach, and Hande were persuaded to write Christmas songs, bringing classical music closer to this period for the first time. Year by year, the fusion between classical compositions and celebration themes became widely appreciated. Tchaikovsky's masterpiece, 'The Nutcracker', is one of the most famous Christmas ballets of all time.

Between the 1930s and 1950s, rather than emphasizing the religious side, during this period songs began to focus on the fun aspects of Christmas, like Santa Claus Christmas trees and snowmen. Instead of regular folks or church choirs singing them, popular musicians performed these songs. In this new era of Christmas music, everyone from Elvis Presley to Frank Sinatra, and from The Beach Boys to Wham!, composed and performed holiday songs. Although distant from the early carols, contemporary Christmas music has remained a way to express the desire to be together during this special holiday.

warm and cozy live music

Our selection

Whether you are planning on hosting a private party, an event at a venue or simply want to surprise your loved ones, our selection will help you plan the perfect event. As the holidays approach, we are glad to present you with a selected group of joyful performers, ready to transform your holiday celebration into a unique experience. Looking for a band, a solo-artist or ensemble? Don't worry, we have a very diverse selection of artists, but first let us highlight some of our seasonal artists from different countries!

Velvet Tunes (NL)

If you're looking to add an extra touch to your party, Velvet Tunes is the perfect choice. This fantastic band brings the timeless spirit of the season to your event, playing a wide repertoire of typical artists for this period, including Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey. Whether you choose to celebrate the holidays at home or in a cozy mountain house, they pay attention to every detail, ensuring the perfect musical experience for your event that you won't be able to forget.

The Velvet Tunes warming up the room

Rune (BE)

Rune was born and raised in Schriek, Belgium. She has shown a great passion for music since her childhood, starting to play the guitar at just thirteen years old. Her warm and expressive voice has led her to be invited to numerous festivals and private events, winning over the audience. If you are looking for an artist who can easily switch from pop to country and acoustic within the same party, this young songwriter is a great choice. Her unique voice, combined with her guitar skills, can create a fantastic atmosphere at your party, transforming the holiday times into a truly emotional celebration.

guitar artist Rune enchanting the audience with her vocals

Pamela Magal (ES)

Do you want to give your party a warm touch? Then you should really take a look at Pamela Magal! This incredible Spanish artist has a very unique style that will make even the shyest audience dance. Her repertoire includes classical genres like rock, tango and flamenco. Pamela is able to give her best in any kind of event, but she truly shines on the biggest stages. So, if you want to transform your company's party into a real festivity.

An impression of Pamela's charms on stage

Grégory Chauchat (FR)

Accordion, violin, and a french touch. Is there anything more romantic? With Grégory Chauchat, you can make the winter holidays for the people you love truly a unique experience. This artist knows how to bring a piece of France with him, transforming your party into an elegant Parisian café. Grégory also takes inspiration from jazz, but he likes to mix different genres in his music, like chanson and the timeless swing. If your goal is to surprise your loved ones with a truly romantic gift, you should definitely consider Grégory.

A perfect background performance by Grégory Chauchat

Nele & Noah Lachmund (DE)

Meet Nele and Noah Lachmund, a talented duo who have been playing together since their childhood. These two siblings share a passion for music, which has led them to participate in many live events, both in Germany and across other countries in Europe. With their acoustic and melodic sound, they will transform your holiday party into a cozy and welcoming environment, featuring an interesting repertoire formed by artists like Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Their warm and expressive voices will be able to give your event a more intimate feeling.

brother and sister pursuing a musical career An impression of Nele and Noah

The artists we have suggested are just a personal favorite out of all the talented artists that are part of our community. Looking for something different or closer to the location of your event? Check out our database! And last but not least, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year filled with live music from the entire Gigstarter team!


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