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By The Gigstarter Team on 21-09-2022

Over the years at Gigstarter, we have managed to establish some great partnerships with other companies. In this blog we would like to highlight some our the outstanding partners that make up our music ecosystem. From online seminars, to making a positive environmental impact to extra equipment you can rent to.

Music Motion

The Music Motion company brings together musicians, programmers, journalists and many other parties in the music sector. They do this by organizing network meetings, consultancy and workshops for people in the music industry. If you are a PRO there are two major benefits you can get from Music Motion, the first being that you can receive a discount on paid events for PRO artists, €7.50 discount per edition. The next benefit is that PRO artists get exclusive places to pitch their music during Music Pitch. This event happens bimonthly and consists of network and information meetings for the music sector where key players from a certain segment of the music world come to speak.

The Green Branch

The Green Branch is a social impact company that specializes in setting up reforestation projects in Brazil. We cannot make music without a livable earth. That is why we not only listen to music, but also to our earth. Gigstarter works together with The Green Branch to make the world a bit greener and working towards a sound a green future. When you book a gig on Gigstarter, you are able to make your event CO2 neutral with the help of this initiative.

The Green Branch logoLearn more about how to book a CO2 neutral event here

Guitar Academy

The Guitar Academy gives guitar lessons at four locations to a quarter of a thousand students in Amsterdam and Haarlem. Since its foundation in Amsterdam in 2009, it has quickly grown into the Netherlands' most dynamic learning environment in the field of guitar lessons, from beginner to semi-pro. The Guitar Academy is a place where experienced teachers give enthusiastic guitar lessons. Pick up your guitar and say hello to our partners!

DJ School Amsterdam

Delivering inspiring musical experiences and contributing to personal growth are the mission of DJ School Amsterdam. DJ School Amsterdam has been the international top in 1-on-1 DJ/Producer education for over a decade. With a strong view on knowledge transfer and efficient teaching methods, the institute coaches more than 1,000 individual students from all over the world every year. Last year we were lucky enough to give our DJ of The Year Mini Maal a 1to1 session at DJ School AMsterdam, you can read more about his experience here.

Gigstarter described and explained by Paul, the founder of the platform

These are only some of the amazing companies that make up our ecosystem. To see who else is part of the Gigstarter, click below!
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