From EDM Enthusiast to Professional: an Interview with DJ Boding

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In an exclusive interview, DJ BODING, a young talent hailing from Rome, provides insight into the life of a professional DJ in Italy. Growing up with a passion for EDM, started mixing tracks at a very young age behind the console. The artist, with over 400k followers on TikTok, explained his approach to social media, how he dealt with changes in music, and the challenges he faced as a producer. Witness the journey of an individual who transformed passion into a profession — a DJ ready for big success. Don't miss our exclusive interview!


I would define myself as a determined, strong, resourceful and charismatic person with clear goals. For me, clarity of goals is crucial. Initially, my main goal was to start earning money in the music business, especially as a DJ. Now that I am past this stage, I feel ready to take on new challenges and goals in my career.

When Passion Turns Into Professionalism

My passion was born at the age of 14-15. I started falling in love with music without thinking that it could one day become my profession. In particular, I fell in love with electronic music and festivals. I saw a lot of people dancing and having fun, all sharing the same passion - music. That's exactly my goal as a DJ, to make people have fun. I started out as an enthusiast, then when I was 18-19 years old I got behind the console and started to understand how to structure a song, how to make it able to convey a message. Being a DJ allows me to bring my message to people, especially during live shows, where there is obviously more contact with the audience.

impression of the young artist DJ BODING

The Origins of BODING

This is a question that everyone always asks me. The cool thing is that it doesn't really have a specific meaning, but it comes from a particular moment in my life. I remember my cousin trivially calling me this as a kid... I don't know why, I don't know where he got it from, but I thought it is cool and easy to memorise, so I decided to adopt it as my stage name.

The Influences That Made DJ BODING Who He Is Today

Definitely the most important one for me was Hardwell. Hardwell was a DJ and producer who contributed a lot to the golden age of EDM, the one of the early 10s to be clear. That's when the EDM boom happened and my influences come especially from the pioneers of that era: Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Calvin Harris... The big names let's say. I feel very close to that kind of music, more commercial if you like, but still reaching millions of people. They are artists that I carry in my heart and they have formed my style.

Personal Taste In Music

I listen to pretty much all kinds of music. Then of course I have my favourites, but in general I listen to everything from Italian classics to reggaeton. I've realised that listening to music other than your own genre of reference helps a lot to develop a style. In my case, for example, understanding how to make a reggaeton piece allowed me to understand more about how to structure an EDM piece. I've always done everything self-taught, so that's an important part of it. This research. This trying, failing and trying again, has formed the artist I am today.

boding 3

The Digital Image

I consider that the perception of social media depends greatly on the era a person is born. Born in '98, I identify myself as part of the digital native generation and realised the importance of social media early on. These platforms are free assets, accessible to all, that allow you to reach a specific audience with little or no cost. This opportunity was unimaginable before the advent of the Internet and social media.
The way people interact with music has undergone profound changes in the last decade, influencing market strategies accordingly. I felt it was crucial to explore this world early on, while using social media carefully. I went through a difficult period because of it, forcing me to take a break. However, after every difficulty, there is always a moment when you get back up stronger than before. Currently, I have a team that supports me in managing socials.

Navigating Through TikTok As An Artist

In my opinion, the phenomenon is attributable to the very structure of the social. First of all, sound is always active on TikTok. This might sound trivial, but it is a crucial aspect. How many people use Instagram while watching videos without sound? Majority of people! On TikTok, it is practically unthinkable for someone to view content without sound. Of course, the main challenge is to appear in the feed, and this is where consistency in using the platform comes into play.
Another relevant aspect concerns the extreme ease with which a sound can be played and shared. Think of how many unofficial mashups and remixes have become trends. One immediately realises that anyone can make a song to go viral without necessarily owning the legal rights to it. This, in my opinion, is what makes TikTok so unique. Until a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to publish even a small part of an original song without owning the copyright. With TikTok, this model has been radically challenged. Paradoxically, songs that were released many years ago and did not necessarily achieve great success, now have the possibility of going viral, if only thanks to a small part of them being used as the basis of a dance. Many believe that TikTok has ruined music, but I think it has simply changed the way we perceive it.

The Art Of Creation

The way of making music has changed radically. Personally, I noticed that before the social media I used to give more space to my creative freedom, let's say I focused more on the piece as I wanted it. Now, however, already during the creation process, I think 'oh, this could go viral'. In general I have noticed that 'virality' is more sought after and the structure of the songs is also affected a little by this change. Maybe a singing part is inserted to increase the possibility of becoming trending on Tik Tok.
I know you might think this is a stretch, a 'disrespect' to your art, but in my opinion there is a fine line between staying true to yourself and making music in a sustainable way. You always have to keep in mind that for us music is a job as well as a passion and, as a job, we have to be able to live off it. Even if the public only cares about the end result, you should never forget the journey of an artist, the years spent studying and experimenting to deliver the best result.

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Less Is More

Certainly the single that required the least effort was Vienna. The story of Vienna is very special because it was conceived during a period when I wanted to release one beat a week and sell it. Then I decided to release it as a single instead, I liked it and I believed in it. In total, it was about two weeks of production.

The Biggest Obstacles In The Italian Market

From my point of view, the main problem in Italy is the higher supply compare to demand. Active DJs are numerous, mainly because the entry level is quite low. I mean besides the cost of the equipment, the skills required for mixing are not particularly high. What makes the difference is the style built, the tracks selected, the ability to mix them and the charisma shown on the dance floor. Demand, on the other hand, is limited. The main challenge for an Italian DJ is the possibility to perform live, be it in a club or at a festival. In these cases, the system in Italy relies heavily on connections. It is essential to be well established in the environment and to build a reputation. In fact, the manager of a club is not only interested in how good you are, but above all in how much he can earn in relation to the fee he offers you.

A Peak Into The Future

2024 will be an important year for my career, and I feel it will be my year. I've started to explore new sounds outside of my usual style. I grew up with the EDM of the 10s and the Big Room era, but now I feel ready for something different. I let myself be contaminated by Techno, Future Rave and Nordic sounds. It's a bit like when a story ends with a girl: you try to keep the best of what happened and make it your own. With music I am experiencing the same thing. This year I have been inspired by new styles, and I am really excited about my next projects. The first one will be released on 26 January and I really feel I have succeeded in conveying the message I wanted.

Gigstarter x DJ BODING

So, I joined Gigstarter about a year ago. I wanted to play live more often, so I started looking for sites that could increase my chances of getting signed. I think the Gigstarter platform is good and the interface is very intuitive, it gives you what you need right away. In my case it definitely helped me find more dates. My best (gig) night was at a club in Fiuggi, in the province of Frosinone. I always say it was my little Tomorrowland, because it was the first time I performed in front of over 500 people. Of course I was nervous before the live show, but once I got on stage I started to loosen up and it was a fantastic experience. I got on well with both the owners and the audience, it was a great night.

Gigstarter would like to thank BODING for his time and we want to wish him good luck for this year, which promises to be a very important one for him. We are happy to provide support for all those artists who want to play and spread their message.

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