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By The Gigstarter Team on 01-10-2023

The Netherlands has had a strong influence for decades in the world of electronic dance music (EDM), being a place of birth to more than 25 top DJs around the world. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Gigstarter considers its duty to highlight some of the greatest Dutch performers, spectacular events connected with the genre such as Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) and our own part in building a strong community of electronic music lovers.

How the Netherlands became the EDM biotope

From the early 60s, group of musicians, including Dick Raaijmakers and Tom Dissevelt, have been experimenting with the sound using electronic tools such as synthesizers and tape machines. It opened new possibilities in people's minds and built a foundation for the coming generations. Moreover, the geographical location of the Netherlands was the biggest benefit when it came to EDM. As the country is close to major European music hubs like London, Berlin, and Brussels. Being able to easily cross boarders and shortly appear in various music scenes, diversified the sound and provided wider opportunities for collaborations.

european djs

In the 1980s and 90s, a wave of pioneering DJs and producers, who are familiar to all of us, started appearing, including Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, and Ferry Corsten. They combined European techno, trance, and progressive house, and created a testament from Dutch music culture to the international one. At the same time the major cities of the country (particularly Amsterdam and Rotterdam) began to fill up with hundreds of clubs and venues dedicating their stages to DJs. This national phenomenon became the starting grounds for Dutch festivals, such as ADE, Mysteryland, Awakenings, Defqon, etc.

ADE as the biggest International Electronic Music gathering

The Amsterdam Dance Event, commonly known as ADE, is an annual electronic music conference and festival held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 1996. Throughout the years ADE has grown into one of the largest influential scene in electronic music, which attracts more than 350.000 visitors each edition. Production team of the event is working daily on the best way to innovate the stages, introduce new elements and trends such pop-up stores and interactive installations. Line-up is not only focused on established musicians such as Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren and Tiësto, but also giving chance for young talents to own a place in listeners hearts. This year it will take place on October 18th to 22nd and will consist of variety of programs in arts, music and culture spheres.

Learn more about it here.

ADE presents - What's Your Vibe? | Official ADE22 Film

You might remember Gigstarter's participation during ADE 2021 with Feel It! De Expo. We are excited to announce that we will participate again this year in October together with Inch By Inch. We would like to welcome you to the Gigstarter Social Club that will take place October 19th from 17:00 to 22:00 with the following program:

📚 Masterclass: Big 4 Strategy for DJs and Producers
Calling all aspiring DJs and producers! DJ School Amsterdam will provide a course containing a demonstration, fascination information and a Q&A. Whether you're just starting your journey or looking to elevate your career, this masterclass is the perfect thursday afternoon plan for you.

Get ready to groove to the mesmerizing tunes of DJ Dekhengst through a glittering world of sparkling disco and tasty house beats. His mixes will have you dancing the night away.

Let DJ Polyesta be your musical passport as she transcends borders with an enchanting blend of beats from all around the world. Polyesta's diverse selection will unite us all on the dancefloor.

Stay updated on the schedule by following our socials or by clicking here. To get into the mood of ADE, the Gigstarter Team has created a special playlist, which contains original music from the Dutch and International DJs we have on our platform. Immerse yourself in the world of sonorous beats and energetic melodies with us.

Highlight of Top 3 Dutch Gigstarter's DJs

Within our dynamic international community, we're honored to host a multitude of talented DJs from nine European countries, who are gaining more and more recognition within the music industry. Choosing from this pool of talent was no easy feat, but our editorial team, relying on bookers' reviews and artists' experiences, has selected a group of upcoming musicians to spotlight in this article. Meet some of the DJs with unique sounds we are fortunate to have on our booking platform!

DJ Gillian

DJ Gillian, born and raised in Rotterdam, started her journey into the music industry at an early age. After completing the Dance Academy, she she started playing as a DJ, which created a golden combination, allowing her to bring the knowledge from dancing to producing melodies of her own. Gillian is an all-round professional artist with experience not only in public venues such as clubs and festivals but also in private events like weddings, house parties, and corporate events. Equipped with her own DJ mixer and other necessary gear, she ensures an energetic and immersive musical experience for any type of crowd or event.

female DJGillian working her magic in the booth


LLout an infectiously enthusiastic DJ from Amsterdam is an artist who will keep you dancing day and night to your favorite genre whether it is deep house or techno. He effortlessly blends genres together and takes you into a musical environment of his personalized sets. He is a co-founder and resident of the successful company Springtij, that creates a series of legendary boat parties in Amsterdam and a winner of the Gigstarter DJ of the year contest in 2020. LLout senses the mood of the crowd like no other and has a right soundtrack for every vibe and theme that your party might be built on. Earlier this year Gigstarter team has interviewed LLout, who was able to take the reader through his journey of becoming Mr. Nice DJ and share some valuable tips about the industry. To read the interview and get to know DJ Llout better click here. And do not forget to book him for the next event!

DJ LLout: DJ of The Year 2020

Timo Verpoort

In the past few years, North Holland native Timo Verpoort has become a rising star on our platform, leaving unforgettable emotions and moments in the hearts of listeners with his dynamic live sets and charisma. In 2022 alone, Timo has had over 175 bookings, 13 of which were arranged through our platform. His unique style of blending commercial hits with genre-specific elements delivers enjoyable tunes. In every set, he creates an atmosphere where the beats tell a story, leaving audiences anticipating the next chapter in his musical journey. All in all, if you need an energetic young DJ for a wedding or a simple party, Timo is your guy!

djA magical view of one of Timo's gigs

Whether it's the intimate wedding at the picturesque location or bright festival, Europe's DJ biotope offers an inclusive experience, inviting music enthusiasts from all over the world to collaborate on new sound. In this dynamic and rapidly changing field, Europe remains a major player for those seeking the innovation and the rhythm in the electronic music sphere. Stay tuned for the latest news about DJs and future interviews with them!

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