Do you want to book live music acts last minute? Place a call at Gigstarter!

By The Gigstarter Team on 27-08-2018

If you are last-minute trying to find an artist for your event, we advise you to place a call at Gigstarter: the platform for booking live music. The call is a fast way to access a large number of artists within a particular style or genre. The artists will respond as soon as possible whether they are available or not. Most of the times people have responses from artists within a hour!

Place a call for last minute musicians

A call for last minute musicians

The call is a way to access a large number of artists within a particular style. If you have no time to select and access artists individually, the call will provide a solution for your event. When you fill in the form and place a call, selected Gigstarter artists will see the performance date, budget and style you are looking for. You can choose from the list of available artists who you contact and negotiate about the possibility to perform. In short, the call is a free and efficient way to check the availability of great artists.

fotogigstarterr*Looking for a band to play at your event? Take a look at Gigstarter!

What is the cost of placing a call?

Placing a call on the platform Gigstarter is 100% free. The price for the gig is negotiable with the artists, Gigstarter asks for no commission or extra costs. The platform is build by artists to generate more gigs for artists and the call is one of the tools to reach that goal.

How many artists respond to a call?

Every call has a different amount of artists that respond on the call. The number of respondents depends on several matters, including when the gig takes place; how interesting the gig is (budget, location, public) and what you are looking for. For example there is a wider offer for jazz bands than opera singers. The aim is to offer at least two available artists.

Place a call for last minute musicians

About Gigstarter

Gigstarter offers an accessible platform to book live music. We developed a transparent website where bookers can directly book artist without paying any form of commission. The concept that Gigstarter created is working succesfully. Over 3000 artists in all kind of different genres have already registered on our platform. Together these artists have already been booked a thousand times, from living room concerts to great festivals. Due to these number Gigstarter is the most important platform for live music within the Benelux. Recently we are active through whole Europe.

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Gigstarter makes live music accessible to everyone. On you will find live music for your party easily. This service is free of charge for both artists as bookers. Take a look at the site and follow us on Facebook to stay updated about Gigstarter events and new talent.

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