Gigstarter creates a European market for booking live music

By The Gigstarter Team on 01-08-2018

Gigstarter creates a new way to book bands, DJs and solo-artists. The platform empowers people to find and book artists easily through an intuitive online process. It creates transparency in pricing and promotes a direct dialogue between artist and client. Since this year the Amsterdam based start-up operates in eight European countries including the UK, generating more than 10,000 booking requests a year. Gigstarter expanded to eight European countries including the Netherlands, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Austria and Belgium. The initiative is supported by a versatile community including thousands of musicians; the team expects to catalyse over 4 million GBP in local and international booking requests in 2018.

Become an international artist

As an artist, it is free to have a profile on Gigstarter. If you have international ambitions with your act and want to have more benefits from Gigstarter, you can purchase a PRO+ membership. With this international membership your act is visible all across Europe and you increase your chance of getting international Gigs. Acts like the German singer Isaac Roosevelt, Italian DJ Fabdance and the Dutch reggae act Tjerk Schoonheim & Friends are PRO+ and love to play all across Europe. The first international exchanges between the countries are already established trough Gigstarter. For example, last month the Irish Vincent O'Brien went to Belgium for a unique Gig and the Dutch duo Mais performed in Germany.

Vincent O'Brien performing in Belgium via Gigstarter

Transparency in the music industry

In addition to generating gigs for artists, Gigstarter also aims to make the music industry more transparent. Gigstarter founder Paul de Kuyper: “The music industry has always been infamous for its lack of transparency. Gigstarter –like any other disruptive player– intends to break through that old norm. With transparent prices, clear information and free communication between all stakeholders we’re making live music accessible for everyone. And the funny thing is: it works!”

eventA festival in your backyard, it's possible with Gigstarter

Organise your own festival with Gigstarter

YouTube and Spotify opened new doors for music lovers and artists on a global level. Is live music next to get emancipated from old industry dogmas? Founder of the venture, Paul de Kuyper, believes so. He sees a trend towards more personalised, DIY events. “An anti-movement is taking place, the habit of arranging live music for events is returning to the living room, local cafés, business events… People are discovering it is an affordable option to get awesome live music at their own events, or, while they’re at it, even take the opportunity to organise a mini festival. As a result autonomous artists are receiving more and better work.”

spainThe Spanish rockband Besos Robados, performing all across Europe

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