Gigstarter at the Dancefair 2019

By Gigstarter Team on 18-03-2019

Dancefair is one of the biggest electronic music conventions in Europe. We attended the two days of seminars, workshops and masterclasses gathering 250 music brands, 7000 visitors and DJs from around the world like Martin Garrix and Frontliner. We from Gigstarter selected some interesting talks we visited this weekend in Utrecht!

DjLike other years, there were many sessions of DJs producing their songs at Dancefair

Talk 1: How do you deal with being famous?

One of the many cool elements of Dancefair is that a lot of popular DJs share their experiences during different talks. You have many technical sessions where the artist explains how they produce and record songs, which give great insights in the working method of the DJs. Also a lot of talks are about the life on the road and performing.

We visited a panel with DJ Paul Elstak, Jelle Keizer and Vato Gonzalez about dealing with the DJ fame. In an animated conversation it became clear that it is essential that you have something besides your DJ career to stay grounded as a DJ. DJ Paul Elstak finds this in his family. The three DJ's agreed that their work is one of the most beautiful professions on earth, but you do have to take good care of yourself. Otherwise, fame could have a big negative impact on your personal life.

Talk 2: Market yourself as a DJ

The music industry is always changing and artists have to handle theses changes quickly if they want to build a strong career and be more visible. Yassine Seghrouchni, founder and CEO of YourBrandHub, gave many tips and insights about the marketing aspect of being a DJ. He explains that as an artist, you have to market yourself the same way companies market their product. Keep your audience updated about everything happening in the music industry and music trends. Yassine says to start by activating your fans, because without your fans and audience you can not grow. Let your actual network and friends push your brand so that they can share your posts on social media and make you more visible!

Tom and SolèneDutch and French duo from Gigstarter at the Dancefair: Tom van der Velpen and Solène Brachet

Talk 3: Being a female DJ

We decided to end the Dancefair with the interesting talk about female DJs in the ''man's world''. Isis van der Wel, also known as DJ 100% Isis, gave a speech about her 30-year DJ career. She described the obstacles she overcame, such as the urgency to always prove your talent and sometimes facing jealousy from other women in the music industry. She has definitely built her reputation in the music industry and she is now learning to combine her worldwide DJ life with being a mom. The rising star Sophie Francis, a 20-year Dutch DJ was also present at the conference. Check out her new single under the Spinnin’ Records label!

Sophie Francis |Weekend Love

After a weekend full of meetings, inspirational talks and electronic music, we see that being and becoming a DJ is an ever growing phenomenon and Dancefair gives the right insights that DJs need. That's why we can not wait for Dancefair next year. Stay tuned these upcoming weeks, we'll be releasing a blog on how to get your musical career started!

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