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By The Gigstarter Team on 25-06-2021

As things stand, we will be able to go clubbing again this summer! Great news for our dance lovers and DJs. Dance music includes of course many music styles, but if we look at our artists and the popularity in Europe one genre stands out: house. In this article we zoom in on this colourful genre and we show you why Gigstarter is the ideal platform to book house DJs, or to get booked on.

Origin of house

House is a genre that originated very underground in Chicago in the early 1980s. Disco was losing its popularity and pioneers like Frankie Knuckles were trying out new ways of mixing tracks. This evolved into a style where there was more focus on a tight four on the floor beat and deeper bass lines. Mainly among minorities like the gay and black community, house was very popular because at these parties everyone could dance together and was treated as equal. The most famous house club in Chicago at the time was 'the Warehouse' where the genre also got its name from. From Chicago, the house movement spread to London around 1987, after which it made it’s breakthrough in Europe and the rest of America.

DJ VidèsGigstarter house artist DJ Vidès

Sub genres

Because house is influenced by many musical styles and developed very quickly, lots of sub-genres quickly emerged. In the 80s acid house and ghetto house, two rougher forms of house became very popular. Deep house also quickly became (and still is) a super important sub-genre. Deep house is a more ambient sounding form of house which makes more use of distinct chord progressions. From the 2000s onwards many new sub genres have become very big, such as future house, electro house, bass house and big room house. One sub genre that has been growing in popularity in recent years is tech house, a style that combines elements of techno and house into one genre. You can now also use tech house as a filter in our database.

House on Gigstarter

On Gigstarter we have a nice variety of house dj’s throughout the country. Are you organizing a party and are you looking for a cool house dj for your line-up, be sure to look around. For example we have tech/deep house dj's Sneekes and LLout who can create a magical atmosphere. A house dj with live saxophonist is also possible if you book The Paris Plan. If a DJ duo that sounds like Martin Garrix is right for your event, check the profile of Black & Yellow. All of our DJs are eager to put on a cool act, whether it's at a small festival, birthday or boat party. The more unique the gig the better of course.

Check out our house dj's

your dj CV

Are you a house dj yourself and want to get booked easier and more often. Then consider to create an artist profile on our website for free. You only need to upload a live video and two mixtapes (or your own tracks) and give some information about your act. Then we'll approve your profile and you're ready to take your career as a house DJ to a new level.

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