The company Music Motion brings together musicians, programmers, journalists and many other parties in the music industry. They do this by organizing network meetings, consultancy and workshops for people in the music industry.

The partnership between Gigstarter and Music Motion ensures that PRO artists from Gigstarter can get special benefits at Music Motion:

1. Discount on paid events for PRO artists, €7.50 discount per edition
The events, such as Music Pitch Webinar, are in small groups and the guest lecturer is an expert from a particular field of music. Topics are always related to new opportunities in music, making money in music or music promotion. When purchasing a ticket, PRO artists can take advantage of the discounted Gigstarter rate. For the entire program, visit

2. PRO artists get exclusive spots to pitch their music during Music Pitch
Music Pitch is a networking and information event in the music industry where key players from specific segments, such as the festival scene, games sector, and film sector, come to share insights. In each edition, four artists have the chance to deliver a short pitch for their projects or music. Would you like to seize this opportunity and be in the pitch spotlight?

Keep an eye on their agenda, available here:


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