Who did win Eurovision Contest this year?

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The final of the Eurovision Song Contest took place last weekend in Turin, where the participants gave us an exciting edition full of musical eclecticism, impressive staging and, above all, impressive live music! If you missed the show, Gigstarter compiled a short summary of the best musical moments that occurred during event and we highlight our favorite artists who made it to the final.

#3 “SloMo” from Spain

Chanel Terrero, representing Spain with her song "SloMo" was awarded third place in the competition. The Catalan singer managed to break an all-time record for Spain by receiving twelve points from the professional jury from eight countries. It didn't come as a big surprise after seeing her relentless performance in which, in one single song, there was room for different musical nuances. Tango, flamenco, rock, pop, a mix of sonorities that the singer seems to master and combine with ease. It is safe to say that the artist is a clear representative of the urban sound that is becoming so prevalent in the Spanish music scene, which of course can be found in our great list of artists on Gigstarter.

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Chanel Terrero singing “SloMo”

#2 “Space Man” from the UK

The UK representative Sam Ryder with his song "Space Man." managed to rank second. The British singer showed his musical virtuosity by reaching and pushing his voice to notes for many difficult or impossible to reach. For this reason, he was nicknamed the "space man" whose musical limits seem few and far between and know no gravity. During his live performance, we enjoyed the influences of rock and roll and those from the 60's and 70's. To finish, his guitar loaded with distortion and power became a complete protagonist of his performance, perhaps honouring and remembering that time when the singer was part of cover bands playing classics like "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

Sam Ryder performing his song 'Space Man'

#1 “Stefania” from Ukraine

And the winner is ....

The winners of the night were the members of the Kalush Orchestra, who represented Ukraine with their song "Stefania". The song, which was written in honour of the band's leader's mother, has become a symbol and ode to Ukraine and the nation's plight. Their performance, music, and staging was full of tradition and culture, incorporating and mixing indigenous instruments and sounds with a rap that at times was reminiscent of the great Beastie Boys. The Kalusch Orchestra reminds us of the power of live music, where through instruments, dance, and passion for art, social solidarity is generated and paths of communication are created that go beyond language.

The boys band Kalush Orchestra who is playing their song Stefania

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