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By The Gigstarter Team on 26-10-2020

Even if the music and event sectors are sharply hit by the pandemic this year, we decided to keep on entertaining our audience, challenging and promoting our artists in the mean time. More than160 artists coming from 8 countries got involved in our competition of the DJ and Artist Year 2020. Among them, only 30 acts (bands, solos, duos) and 10 DJs are still competing. Vote for your favourite act and DJ on their Gigstarter profile. The 3 acts and 3 DJs who get the most votes will go to the finals held on December 10th!

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The 30 acts: solo artists, bands and ensembles

The 3 artists with the most votes will go to the final and will try to win the Gigstarter Artist of the year award and a check of 1000 euros :

  • Bands

Donato Matola Modern Jazz Group
La Revolución Del Mono
Dario Distasi
Sin Mala Intención
Breakpoint Nine

  • Ensembles (duo, trio)

Fuga Caleido
Dos Chicos
Helena Camps
Clé de Fra
The Scotty Bullock Trio
BMI goes India

  • Solo artists

Simone Eversdijk
Ant Utama
Jeremy Olivier
Eva Auad
Álex Solano
Salvador Beltran
Young Villian
Marley Wildthing
Pamela Magal

The 1O DJs

The 3 DJ with the most votes will go to the final and have a chance to become the DJ of the Year and win a cheque of 500 euros:
Alexey Grankowsky
Gray n Bald
Sascha Dive
Vicky Merlino
DJ BatuCada43 / Feest DJ's 2Drive

How can you vote?

To do so, you only have to visit the Gigstarter's profile of your favourite DJ/artist and click on ''vote''. To avoid fraud, you have to log in with your Facebook account to vote for your favourite DJ and artist.
As the choice can be difficult among all the acts if you like 2 or 3 artists from the shortlist, you can give one vote for each. Yet, it is not possible to vote several times for the same musician.
If you find technical issues, do not hesitate to change the browsers you use.
Show and share your support on socials, tag your favourite artist and us!
If we detect any kind of fraud regarding the voting, the artist/DJ will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
If you have any questions regarding the competition, feel free to write to !

Check out the shortlist and vote now

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