TikTok series - Part 2: Connecting with fans

By The Gigstarter Team on 03-03-2022 |

In our previous article about TikTok we shared how you could set up an artist profile and told you about what TikTok is and how to use the platform. In this follow-up, we offer you tools to successfully promote your music via TikTok and to attract new fans. In addition to posting content, it's also important to stay in touch with your fans. This way you will maintain your fan base and you will know who is following you.

Daniel Marin TikTokOur Gigstarter artist Daniel Marin is very active on TikTok

Why ?

When you stay in touch with your fans, you maintain their attention with your personality and your music. It's also important to respond to your audience. When someone posts a comment or asks a question, that person will feel seen when you react - even if it's just a 'thank you'. Through interaction, you let the fan know that they are a part of your career and this contributes to brand loyalty. One way to be in touch with your fans is through the platform TikTok. As an artist on TikTok, there are several ways to expand your reach. Below we have created a list with types of content that you can use as inspiration for posts on TikTok:

1. Duet Function

With this function, you can create a duet of your own song with fans or other musicians. In this duet, both artists are visible on the screen and you can decide together whether you take turns singing a piece or sing simultaneously. This also helps to promote the other party and is a win-win situation for both artists. This can also be fun to do with fans to interact. An example of this is Ed Sheeran doing a duet with one of his fans.

2. Dance challenges with your music

The well-known TikTok dances! Depending on your genre, it can also be interesting to make a dance challenge to your song. You can make up your own dance moves to your music. You can then challenge other fans and artists to imitate this choreography. An example of this is Doja Cat dancing a piece of her Say So choreography with two other television stars.

3. Behind the scenes

Besides music-related challenges and duets, you can also include your fans in your musical process. Fans often find a sneak peek behind the scenes where you show them how you recorded your music or made a video clip interesting and fun. This gives them the feeling that they are involved in the process. As this example by the music group Horizon.

4. Promoting through music videos.

Tiktok is and always will be a platform that revolves around video content. Do you have a really cool scene in your music video? Then share it on TikTok! An example of a music video that lends itself for this is this clip from Imagine Dragons with the song they wrote for RIOT, to promote the new Netflix series Arcane.

5. 'I wrote a song for ...'

Among artist accounts, there is a trend where songwriters begin with "I wrote a song for you to .... (scream in the shower)". With this trend, you are releasing a song that evokes the emotion to the situation you are describing. You can use this trend to promote your upcoming releases. See an example here of this trend.

6. Remixes

Tiktok is known for its sounds that you can use as the base of your video. These sounds are regularly remixed by artists. A great example of this trend is Darcy Stokes. She mixes popular songs together that mostly are written in the same key. Here is a nice example with Video Killed The Radio Star combined with Walking on Sunshine.

7. Singing challenge in different key.

Sometimes trends arise on TikTok where you have to sing a song at a certain pitch. This allows you to show off your skills to your fans. In this TikTok you can see Gigstarter artist Daniel Marin perform this difficult challenge beautifully.

@danielmarinmusic Who's with me in this challenge? 😁 #dangerouswomanchallenge #vocalrunchallenge #adlib #guysinging #highnote #highnotechallenge #arianagrande ♬ original sound - Daniel Marin

8. Create your own trends

If you have a great idea for a new trend or challenge, try to connect it to your artist brand using, for example, a hashtag and your own music.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some inspiration and we'll see you popping up on our For You page soon!

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