3 Reasons Why Bookers Use Gigstarter

By The Gigstarter Team on 23-01-2020

Why is Gigstarter the best way to find live music for your event? Here are the three reasons:

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1. Variety

Various choices of artists & genres
Gigstarter offers you a wide range of artists and genres, suitable for small & big events. There is an act in every genre on the website. This makes it easier to find the perfect live act for your event. You have a specific genre or budget in mind? No problem, with search criteria you can set your limits which help to have focus in the database. After browsing through an artist’s Gigstarter profile, you have a clear picture of the artist or band. This results in a good fit between booker and artist.

photoThe Happy Suspended, picture: Rosa Klamer.

2. Easy

Direct contact with the artist
As soon as you find a possible match for your event, you can directly contact the artist. There is no intermediary, which saves you time and miscommunication. Furthermore, you can discuss the fee you are willing to pay and all the other details for the act with the artist yourself. Nevertheless, when you are in a rush of finding a suitable act, you can place a general call on the website. Suitable artists will respond to this call when they are available.

3. Transparent

No costs and no hidden fees
To be clear, using Gigstarter for you as a booker is completely free. There are no commission or other extra costs for a booker or artists. Once you book an artist for your event, you will have to pay the artist as discussed with him/her. After these things are sorted out, the music can start at your event! Easy, direct & transparent.

Take a look at Gigstarter

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