Gigstarter Reaches 1,000 Artist Milestone in Italy and Continues to Revolutionize the Live Music Marketplace

By The Gigstarter Team on 17-08-2023

As the world begins to recover from the challenges brought on by the pandemic, live music is experiencing a renaissance in Western Europe. In the midst of this revitalization, Amsterdam-based live music platform Gigstarter has achieved an impressive milestone: reaching a staggering 1,000 artists in Italy! With a track record of connecting artists with opportunities and bringing a fresh approach to the world of live music, Gigstarter has established itself as the leading live music marketplace in the region.

Part of the Gigstarter crew Part of the Gigstarter team in Amsterdam, next to the headquarters in the Netherlands.

Since its founding in 2012, Gigstarter has been revolutionizing the way independent artists access opportunities in the live music industry. In a world where big business and promoters dominate the scene, Gigstarter has provided an accessible and open platform for artists of all genres and experience levels. This vision of democratizing live music has led the platform to achieve a major milestone in Italy.

With a growing community of talented artists, Gigstarter has been instrumental in bringing live music to local events across Europe. From festivals to private events and weddings, the platform has been a vital bridge between artists and opportunities. Gigstarter's success is not limited to just one country, as it has spread its influence across Europe, bringing live performances to a wide variety of venues. One of the Italian artists with the most bookings is PATELLA, and you can see him live in the video below:

Our impact

The achievement of 1,000 artists in Italy is not just a number, it is a testament to Gigstarter's commitment to its mission of making live music accessible to all. By facilitating the direct connection between artists and bookers, Gigstarter has empowered independent musicians to reach new heights in their careers. You can read more of our overall economical impact on the music industry in our latest blog: Live Music Platform Gigstarter catalyses 16 million Euro in Gigs.

Paul de Kuyper, Gigstarter's founder, shared his enthusiasm for this great achievement: "This milestone not only marks our success, but also highlights the unlimited potential that live music has for independent artists. We are witnessing a tipping point in the industry, where musicians have the opportunity to break away from established paradigms and take control of their careers."
Artists in Italy

Gigstarter is not just a platform, it is a movement driving change in the live music industry. By continuing to grow and evolve, Gigstarter will continue to play an essential role in democratizing and expanding the reach of live music. With its success in Italy and across Europe, Gigstarter is uniquely positioned to shape the future of live music and provide new opportunities for independent artists. Are you ready to join our eclectic community?

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Our Italian stars

Live music is making a strong comeback, and Gigstarter is at the center of this revolution. As the platform moves forward to new horizons, we will surely see more achievements and a stronger and more united community of musicians than ever before. One of our Italian PRO members has already left a mark in the Southern community. Carlo Calderano has been performing as a solo artist offering concerts and evenings featuring the Spanish guitar. His focus lies in reinterpreting the works of Astor Piazzolla (Contemporary Tango) through a distinctively personal and modern approach.

Another honorary mention is Grido de ViDa. Drawing inspiration from both journeys and moments of contemplation, ViDa finds creative impetus in the world around him: whether it's a voyage, a dream, a conversation, or a reflection on distant galaxies. His songs serve as narratives of the inherent humanity present in every sentiment. His aspiration is to establish a soul-to-soul connection, a heart-to-heart dialogue with the audience. This objective guides his musical journey and resonates in his performances, where he is accompanied by his faithful companions – Luna and Futura guitars.

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