MeetTheFinalist: Buckwood Mojo is bringing the blues

By The Gigstarter Team on 03-12-2018

The last finalist of the Artist of the Year is Buckwood Mojo. These six experienced musicians will give a memorable blues performance during the finals. It is a magical cocktail of swing, boogie, a lot of blues with sometimes a little jazz and rock. They love to perform live for a big audience. They will shake the Sugar Factory with their rockin’, jivin’ and swingin’ boogie music.

How did Buckwood Mojo arise?

'Buckwood Mojo originated in the summer of 2010, with a mix of six musicians from different bands. Six blues-warriors that only want to play music that is closest to their heart; blues and rootmusic. We started out as a blues-coverband but we started gradually composing our own songs. In the past few years we recorded a demo and two years ago we released a live CD ‘Buckwood Mojo Live’. This CD exists out of our own songs, directly recorded in front of a live audience, in one take.'

buckwoodBuckwood Mojo on stage

How did you found out about Gigstarter?

'Around six months ago I saw a post about Gigstarter and that is when I stumbled onto the platform. I found a platform that matches our band and I made a profile straight away. It is an interesting way to let people know about Buckwood Mojo. Besides that, it is a good way to connect with other musicians.'

Your band got the most votes on the shortlist of Artist of the Year 2018, how did you manage that?

‘We started in 2010 and that is why we build a quite loyal fan base and off course the power of networking. What started out as an event on Facebook exploded into something big. There were a lot of people who shared the posts and people started inviting their friends. Family, friends and fans made this all possible. We were hoping that we were part of the top three but we never expected to be the band with the most votes! That’s why: ‘Thanks to everyone who voted!’

Buckwood Mojo: Deviation Blues

You are bringing a bus full of people to support you during the final of Artist of the Year, how do you create such a loyal fanbase?

‘You can create some kind of energy between the audience and the band if you perform your own songs with love and passion. That is how you generate more fans. We thought it was a nice idea to hire a bus and bring our fan base to Amsterdam, to thank them for their support. The fans can get to know Amsterdam, see us play in the finals and don’t have to worry about how they get home.’

What can we expect of your performance during the final of Artist of the Year?

'We will play our own work during the finals. We will make a mix of different genres based on our knowledge what people like. It is a steaming set full of blues, rock and Cajun.'

What do you think about the other finalists The SoulPhoenics and Stoned Therapists?

'We like that there are young and older people, who are passionate about music in the finals. The styles and influences don’t play a role. It will be a very special evening with varied music. For everyone something to like.'

What are the plans for Buckwood Mojo in the future?

'Keep making new songs, have a lot of performance, bring out a new studio CD and as one of our song states, we keep on searching to One Gig More.'

Do you want to see Buckwood Mojo live? Come to the Artist of the Year-finale, on 8 December at the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam.

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