MeetTheFinalist: Stoned Therapists are ready to rock

By The Gigstarter Team on 14-11-2018

Stoned Therapists is a talented band from Rouen (France) who is going to bring their stoner art rock to the Artist of the Year final in Amsterdam. Their first performance in the Netherlands will be one to remember for the audience and the band. Let's meet the French rockers!

What is art rock?

'The “art rock” genre is pretty underrated and yet it is linked to a lot of huge names in the musical world such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead or even David Bowie, who wants music to be a little bit more “conceptual”.'

Which famous rock band is an example for the band and why?

'If we had to quote only one, it would be Queens Of The Stone Age, who managed to touch several audiences from several environments under the same banner. That is exactly what we are trying to achieve with our music: bring together people from different musical horizons inside one unique public so that we can all have fun and dream together. We are also influenced by Kyuss, Muse, Mars Red Sky, Dilinger Escape Plan, RHCP, and so much more.'

Queens of the Stone Age with their biggest hit: No One Knows

How did you find out about Gigstarter?

'We found the website kind of randomly two months ago before the launch of the contest. We still can’t manage to perform outside our region, and we thought that this kind of contest could help us achieve that.'

What can we expect from your performance during the finals of Artist of the Year?

'A lot of Fuzz and Pogos.'

Stoned Therapists live

What do you think about the other bands who are in the finals?

'We listened to what the other bands in the finals did. The SoulPhoenixs offers a very funky and festive spirit, and we really like groovy bass lines (Vulfpeck is our number one party music). Buckwood Mojo seems to have a lot to teach us, we can feel in their music that they are musicians with a lot of experience.'

What are the plans for the band in the future?

'We are trying to perform outside our own region, as well as organizing sessions with other bands that are willing to become professionals. Getting well-known in this domain has become really hard nowadays, especially for bands like us that are neither pop nor rock (the metal scene in France being completely stuck). Our ambition is to succeed in the musical environment and help our musicians friends succeed too, in order to counter record companies' monopoly.'

Do you want to see Stoned Therapists live? Check them out at the Artist of the Year final, on december 8th in the Sugar Factory Amsterdam.

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