MeetTheFinalist: Jade PraiZe wants to share timeless music

By The Gigstarter Team on 09-12-2019

Jade PraiZe is one of the most charismatic singer-songwriters ever in the Gigstarter Artist of the Year Final! You can experience her show during the Final on Friday 13 December in the Melkweg, Amsterdam. Let’s take a trip to JadeLand to get to know this interesting artist even better.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself, when did you started as an artist?

‘Started 10 years ago, but truly been talking it seriously the last 4 years. I have been building a fan base the last 2 years since going to the US and doing The Voice of Holland. I do have some die hards that are with me all the way. People are very responsive to my music and I often get asked if they can purchase what they are hearing which is music to my ears because they like it enough to want to do that. I’ve never been in a situation to find a band so I believe I am supposed to be solo for now. Though I have had my ‘solo setbacks’ I know that I am good enough to get there and I am serious about the work and putting music first.’

Jade PraiZe with When Love Runs Out at The Voice of Holland

You are originally from the UK and based in the Netherlands. Are there many differences between the music landscape in the UK and the Netherlands?

‘Industry wise UK to Netherlands it’s pretty similar- almost impossible hahaha. But I think we can all agree it’s hard anywhere because you are trying to get your foot into one of the most exclusive doors in the world. Lot of hardship but 99% will never get to sweat on the Main Stage.’

This year, you toured through the Netherlands with the Popronde. How did it go?

‘Popronde was a rich experience! I had minor problems with stage presence and doing such a variation of gigs in such a small space of time was very good for me. People laughed, cried, sang along, enjoyed and truly listened to my material. That is all an artist can ever hope for, to connect with their audience! I love being busy and I love the road life so I am seeing it as a taste of what’s yet to come.’

How did you find out about Gigstarter?

‘Someone from the Gigstarter Team contacted me and said I should sign up as it was a great way to get booked. I am hoping that this Show in The Melkweg will bring more bookings!’

Jade PraiZe - Round[2]

What can we expect of your performance during the Artist of the Year final?

‘As for The Final I am very much looking forward to sharing a variation of timeless music with you all. I stand by my work as being for all ages. I will be singing mainly English but also a few Dutch songs in this 40 minute set. I will be playing piano, guitar and singing 2 songs with backtrack so I can move and perform.’

What are your plans in the future?

‘I am currently working on my portfolio which I will be sending out to many different platforms as of January next year. In preparation I am currently contacting Agents, Management and Labels in Netherlands, UK and USA to get direct contacts for sending the portfolio once it’s done. I have just recorded a Dutch song that has been very popular during Popronde- that is being worked on right now and is due to come out in January. I have also just recorded a feature for a Rap song in the US for a well known label and though I am not allowed to disclose info at present I will say I love the song and am excited to hear it once it’s been mixed and mastered.’

‘As for the near future I want to be gigging. I will also be strengthening my online presence. I am more of a face to face kind of person but I know that social media is where it’s at so I will be putting a lot of effort into that. I’m bringing out a Dutch song and sending out my portfolio to multiple music platforms. Other than that -who knows- I am open to anything as long as it’s music and so will be following that melody wherever it takes me.’

Do you want to see and support Jade PraiZe live? Come to the Artist of the Year final on December 13 in the Melkweg in Amsterdam!

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