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By The Gigstarter Team on 08-09-2020

Managers intend to get gigs, arrange the details and set goals. In other words they somehow run a company. Gigstarter is a reliable management tool that can be used to manage your roster. A Manager brings definitely added value to the artists just as the Gigstarter platform does. We will explain how to take advantage from Gigstarter as a manager.

Throughout this article, Jose, a Spanish band manager on Gigstarter shared his experience with us as a manager on the platform. He manages 5 different artist profiles: Nipels, Indie Acoustic Covers, Zafira, Ocho Noventa and Nipels Covers.

Nipels - Sed de Ti (Official Videoclip)

Create multiple profiles and a manager page

As a manager, you need to create a profile for each band you manage. You have to go to your personal dashboard and click on ''create a new profile''. If you are a PRO member on Gigstarter, you can manage up to 5 different profiles. For instance, if you manage 5 different bands, you have the opportunity to create a profile for each act you manage. In addition to your artists' profiles under one account, you can ask the Gigstarter team to create a manager page. This is an exemple of what your manager page can look like on Gigstarter. Afterwards, you can share this management page on your Linkedin or website to put your project and job in the media spotlight.

Booking tool

Jose mentioned these advantages as for using our management software "Visibility and ease of contact with people interested in the bands I carry. Confirmations are ways of having a concert closed in writing with all the agreements." On Gigstarter, you can answer booking requests from the clients quickly and easily thanks to the direct and private chat. It offers obviously the possibility to find new gig opportunities for the artists you manage. As a manager, you intuitively speak for the artist and know exactly what they want. Your artists can be more visible and are likely to perform more frequently.

terraceHow to create a new profile

Management tool

To ease the management of your roster, your number one skill should be in terms of organization because this is all about scheduling bookings, marketing stunts, meetings and interviews for the artists. On Gigstarter, you can have access to the gig agenda and list all the coming gigs on each profile. You should also add the coming gigs the band has which where arranged through another way than Gigstarter. Thus, once you arrange the gig details with the booker and the confirmation is done, you only have to add it to the Gigstarter agenda.

Promotional help

Combining the creative and business sides is in every managers' mind as they aim at increasing their artists' visibility. Managers gather everything on the communication side and they create a consistent artist image. To promote them, they opt for PR, social networks, events. On Gigstarter, we also promote our artists on socials: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube.

According to Jose, the five bands he is managing are all satisfied with the service Gigstarter offers. So, do not hesitate anymore and use our management tool!

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