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By The Gigstarter Team on 12-05-2020

We launched a new concept on Gigstarter the live Interview on Instagram. We interviewed the wonderful Spanish singer-songwriter Miriam Luna who explained us more about her passion for music, for her fans and her story with Gigstarter.

Are you locked down in Austria? How is the situation?

'I am in Austria, in Vienna, the city of music. The situation here is more relaxed and easier to handle than in other countries as for example my hometown, Barcelona, where they had very strict measures due to high the number of infected people with COVID-19.'

Do you dedicate more time to music during this situation?

'In every critical situation there is always something positive, this situation definitely helped me to invest more time in music. It also helped me to focus on future projects and I am already planning to record new music with my original compositions, which is wonderful news and feeling. Another positive thing and something totally new to me is that due to this situation, I started doing Live Streaming sessions regularly for my audience and online fans. Join me every Thursday at 7PM on my Instagram.'

I saw during your live streams that you have an international and loyal community behind you. How important is your relation with your fans?

'My relation with my fans is very important. Connecting with your audience is part of the magic of your work, they give meaning to the music and sharing with them makes me happy, especially when I can contribute to improve their life with my music, spreading good vibes, happiness and moving lovely energies between people. When we are feeling good we can spread love to one another.'

Miriam Luna - Isn't she lovely

One of these lives was a digital festival called Yomequedoencasa you had through Gigstarter, how did you enjoy this online gig?

'It was great to be part of it, offering my music and connecting with new people and artists. I really liked the initiave when I received their request to participate. In this critical moments where many people are going through uncertainty we as artists have the mission to help the world with our art and good vibes. Music is a therapy for everybody, we all need music in our life.'

As for Gigstarter, what do you think of our platform?

'I think it is a good way nowadays to help connecting artists with people, companies, clients to find the perfect entertainment act. I am happy to be “on board” so people can book me through this platform. I would like to remark that it is also possible to book me for online private concerts. I can offer my performance from home to home through internet.'

Solène from Gigstarter interviewing Miriam Luna on InstagramSolène from Gigstarter interviewing Miriam Luna on Instagram

You fell in love with music many years ago, can you explain us how and when this passion started.

'My dad is also a musician, singer and guitarist. At home, I kept on listening to music. When I was 3 years old, I started with ballet dancing and at 5 years old my parents took me to my neighborhood Music School, Escola de Musica de Sant Andreu, there I started with my classical piano studies and prepared for the exams to get in the Major Conservatory of Classical Music in Barcelona, where I studied for 8 years Classical Piano, Classical singing and I developed what is today my profession.'

Which artist did inspire you the most?

'I got inspired from all styles of music, but I have a special interest for artists that combine voice with piano such as: Norah Jones, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Alicia Keys, Tania Maria, Jacob Collier... singers like... Sade, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Elis Regina... and also classical genius like: Chopin or J.S. Bach. MUSIC is a UNIVERSAL Language.'

In your last album Piano and soul, we can hear you singing in French, English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and German, is it a way to be closer to your international audience?

'Indeed yes. I did a selection of songs that are classics of all times and that my international audience enjoys listening. I wanted to add different languages that I sing and speak while making a bungle of different music genres, honoring different artists that inspired my career. But I'm making my own interpretation of them in an intimate way; that is PIANO & SOUL. The single that presents the album is a Stevie Wonder´s song “Isn´t She lovely” you can enjoy the videoclip on my YouTube channel.'

You played in many different countries, what main difference have you seen between theses scenes?

'When you perform with passion the feeling and message comes to everybody and it doesn’t matter in which country you are playing. For me I feel like home on stage, when I connect with my audience a magic energy is created between them and my music.'

Can you tell us more about your future projects ?

'I don´t know if I will go back to Spain due to the COVID-19 situation. I had several performances there in April but unfortunately they got cancelled. Hopefully I can perform again soon, my fans in Spain are looking forward to listening to me live and I am also waiting for that moment. My future projects are recording my own compositions. I have one of my original song “Simply Beautiful” already out in all platforms and I want to continue producing my own music. And of course continue performing and offering good vibes to the world.'

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