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By The Gigstarter Team on 09-06-2022 |

Spotify has officially launched In Focus. This new tool created by Spotify that aims to provide a simple and effective way for artist management. The tool is designed for both emerging and established artists and aims to help artists strengthen their careers and achieve their professional goals.

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Focusing priorities

In Focus focuses on five main categories related to music management: Learn, Earn, Connect, Promote and Create. Each of these categories are composed of 21 focus areas that work towards strengthening and growing their respective main category. For example, the Earn category is comprised of the focus areas of earning streaming royalties, selling more tickets, selling more merchandise and creating new revenue streams. According to Spotify, the division of these categories and sub-areas will allow musicians to focus on growing and strengthening those aspects of their career that they consider vital or neglected. That's why the company defines the tool as the "pocket manager" that will allow artists to achieve all their career goals.

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New revenue streams

After a controversial year for the company, with criticism and lawsuits over the low royalties generated for musicians who were hoping to offset some of the losses related to the cancellation of live music during the streaming pandemic, the development of In Focus seems like a way to ease the friction that has been generated between artists and the company. Undoubtedly, the new tool promises new revenue streams and an alternative way of management for musicians.

Empowering artists

In Focus is an example of the power and impact that technology is having on the creative industries. At Gigstarter, we bet and invest in these technological breakthroughs because they provide new alternatives that are within the reach of any kind of artist. The tools offered by our platform, Gigstarter, also decentralise the live music market, facilitating direct contact between bookers and musicians, and benefiting independent artists who can't always afford to hire managers or music agents.

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