Tips on managing your social media as an artist

By Solène Brachet on 07-05-2019

Nowadays your music can go viral overnight, thanks to social media. The medium is so present in our life that it is really important to manage them correctly if you want to grow as an artist. We collected some tips for managing your social media!

Know your audience

See your artist life mainly as a company and your music as your product. You are selling your music to your clients, your community. For a company, it is important to define objectives and strategies to reach them. First, as an artist, you should try to define your audience: Who are they? You can know who they are, what they like and where they are thanks to the data that Facebook is collecting. You can view this data on your admin page. Once you have this information, you can establish a targeted promotional campaign. Even with a limited budget you can come a long way, as long as your sponsored ad reaches your targeted group.

Be everywhere online and offline

Following the trends and be up-to-date on the music industry is essential to keep your fans entertained on social media. However, you should be active offline as well; go to events, conventions, fairs and talks that can be interesting for you. There are many different ones to choose from! Let your followers know that you are going to these occasions, meet up and broaden your network in the music industry.

DjAn interesting fair for ambitious DJs, the Dancefair in Utrecht.

Social networks overview

No matter how big your fan base is, try to engage with them as much as you can by asking questions and interacting with them on social media. With that advice in mind, try to separate your private account from your professional account. Then, if you have the opportunity, build a collaborative promotional campaign with another band or DJ. This way you strengthen each other. Two famous DJs Nicky Romero and Afrojack built their online presence together to grow faster and it worked!

NickyRomeroNicky Romero and Afrojack

Facebook and Instagram

People share and like less on Facebook than they used to because of the rise of Instagram and other social media platforms. Still, Facebook is a good way to promote your music and your performances. Another thing; it sounds obvious, but leave your email address on your professional Facebook page! This way you're easier to reach, and are therefore more likely to get gigs. On Instagram, focus on videos because they are more popular than pictures. To keep Instagram's algorithm on your side, you should posts three times a week as a minimum to get more followers and broaden your community. Instagram is also a great way to showcase who you are to potential bookers. These bookers have to get a precise and immediate idea of your genre and the vibe you offer during your show. Your social media platforms are your resume!

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