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Step into a realm of electrifying beats and unparalleled artistry at Amsterdam Dance Event from October 18th to the 22nd. Experience the rhythm of mornings with curated tunes and the enchanting sounds. Dive into the dynamic world of DJing at the Gigstarter Social Club, and witness the fusion of traditional and contemporary music at the Varia Instrument Test Session. Explore the essence of vinyl culture and indulge in the expertise of industry pioneers. From pulsating DJ sets to the art of vinyl crafting, this ADE promises an unforgettable musical journey. Are you ready? Read all about the program in this article.

edm dj duo performanceKiwi Club during our previous ADE edition in 2021

Wednesday, 18 October

Wake Up Breakfast

Whether you want to come by for a good morning coffee or a nightcap - we'll take care of it with the right musical accompaniment. A classy way to start (or end) the day where we welcome Metulsky. A passionate record collector and DJ since youth, has only top records in his arsenal. With a rich catalogue of tracks carefully put together over the years, he's proven his DJ talent at numerous local events.

Ethernal x Inch By Inch

Felix and Basti, also known as Submod, are talented music duo from Leipzig, starting to gain amazing recognition out of the country boarders. During ADE these producers are proud to release showcase for the upcoming vinyl, with three intense classy tracks with hypnotic sounds, set to be dropped on Ethernal. Their new record, a collaboration with Shuray & Walle, along with a remix by Traumer on Ethernal (sublabel of Daydream), is dropping at the end of October and they're looking forward to toasting with you to it in Amsterdam.

Pop-up Record Store Opening

During this years Amsterdam Dance Event the team of Inch By Inch Recordstore & Distribution will host a pop up record store at Vrij Paleis. Multiple artists will perform during this grand opening.

David Moufang, aka Move D, grew up surrounded by beautiful melodies, influenced by his grandmothers who were concert pianists. Starting as a drummer and guitarist, he discovered techno in 1989, evolving into Move D. With his diverse collaborations, Move D remains an influential figure, continually exploring new additions to electronic music.

Born in '87 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Sello has already produced limitless tracks with the unique sound and vision. He created waves of releases on multiple labels such as Neovinyl Recordings, Wazi Wazi Music, Back & Forth Recordings, MoodMusic, and Sucre Recordings.

Siggatunez, a Berlin-based DJ, producer, and founder of the TIEFFREQUENT label and GOOEY Editz Series, started his journey with his father's vinyl collection and has favored vinyl ever since. Over the years, he immersed himself in the Frankfurt DJ scene and co-founded an event.

All the way from Germany like many of the DJs this year, T.NO can't be missing in this line-up of the opening! As a friend of Inch By Inch it doesn't come as a full surprise T.NO love vinyl and has a huge colllection.

Thursday, 19 October

Wake Up Breakfast & ROW Records

After Sello warms up the morning we continue with the ROW Records program. An essential aspect of Row Records is the interplay of music and artwork. Allow us to introduce you to their extraordinary line-up: FM Pause, a Berlin based producer and DJ, known for electrifying and percussive energy, has collaborated with lot of upcoming musicians in German scene and left a lasting memory with his releases.

New York based DJ and producer Suh+Moon has a unique musical vision mixing a score from a tarkovsky film, european bass music, and some of the more contemporary and traditional sounds of China and South Korea in his artworks.

Gigstarter Social Club

The Social Club will take off with a fascinating masterclass focussed on DJs and producers. The masterclass will be held by our partner DJ School Amsterdam. The program will continue with our very own DJs.

DJ Dekhengst, coming from the heart of the Netherlands, transforms every event into a dance party whether it’s on the beach or indoors. He is able to create an energetic experience with lively disco, house beats, and occasional blends of African and Eastern tunes.

The night will end with our Gigstarter DJ of The Year '22, Esta Polyesta. Renowned for her ability to seamlessly blend cultures on the dance floor. Esta is dedicated to a mission: bringing the world's diverse rhythms to life in clubs and festivals. Her unique style fuses electronic beats with ethnic sounds, creating an electrifying atmosphere in the realm of EDM. During the day you will be able to enjoy the body art & expo of Art Fusion : Beyond The Canvas.

feest programma beginStart ADE right with our line-up for Wednesday and Thursday

Friday, 20 October

Wake Up Breakfast

Another day, another Wake Up Breakfast! This friday we start off with two DJs to get in the weekend mood early on. DJ Balduin was born in Leipzig and began his DJ career at the age of 16. Just a few years later, he gained experience performing in various clubs. As a cross-disciplinary artist, DJ Balduin loves to blend all EDM genres and style, never forgetting his 90s background.

Francesco Panettone, born and raised in Basel, is a young DJ who is making a name for himself on the European electronic scene. His signature style involves skillfully incorporating and tweaking Soviet jazz elements, harmoniously blended with the warm tones of analog synthesizers. Additionally, he adds depth to his compositions by programming intricate drum patterns on an MPC, showcasing his mastery of rhythm and melody.

Recut Music x Inch By Inch

Recut Music's vinyl label presents a new edition of Disco and House Music, celebrating the musical happiness found in clubs the world over. Travelling to all corners of the globe, Recut will extract the elements that make bodies move with a 3 hour dj set.

Recut his journey to music began in the 90s, when he discovered the charm of DMC culture and the art of scratching. For several decades, he has been gathering and experimenting with various records, constantly seeking music across diverse genres such as Afro, Funk, Latin, Disco, House, and Electronica.

All About Vinyl

As a record store and distributor, Inch By Inch is deeply rooted in vinyl culture, at the same time, streaming services and download portals have shaped how we consume music and become a part of everyday life. With this in mind, they have put together a panel of industry experts to discuss the current state and future of vinyl in electronic music. Can analogue mediums still compete with digital media? What are the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl? And above all - what makes a record a bestseller? Let's dive into the panel of experts.

Tobi Hölzel, a passionate DJ, skillfully merges 1980s raw Chicago House with contemporary underground beats, infusing Jazz and Disco influences. In 2013, he co-founded Rough Recordings with Daniel Napolitano, dedicated to releasing authentic house music.

Berlin DJ and producer Cinthie, known for Beste Modus and Unison Wax labels, began spinning records in the 90s. From signing with Low Spirit Recordings in the 2000s to becoming globally recognised, Cinthie and her vinyl-only sets make her a pioneer in the next generation of German house music.

Lydia Eisenblätter, a great representative of the German techno scene, expresses her personality through energetic, analogue sounds. Her releases and dynamic, rough sound, reflect her soul in a unique way, developed over years with support from fellow artists.

Reece Walker, a DJ and producer originally from Australia, now making his career in Leipzig. He has released tracks with groovy doses of techno and electro on labels like Kann and Long Vehicle. In his spare time, Reece manages Inch By Inch Distribution.

Inch By Inch Pop-up Record Store Special

There's no better way to end the panel talk with spinning some records! Cinthie and Lydia will both show of their knowledge and skills today and make sure you end the night dancing on the floor.

lineup for friday partyLet's start the weekend the right way, celebrating live music together!

Saturday, 21 October

Wake Up Breakfast

Metulsky will return for another breakfast session together with Arsy. Arsy, alias Arsy Eins, is Dub house DJ and producer based in Berlin, Germany. He’s active moreover in the EDM field, but constantly experiments with the contamination of musical genres, especially House and Beat.

Varia Instrument Test Session

Along with their well-known rotary DJ mixers, Varia Instruments will be a part of our ADE program this year. At the test session, you have the chance to get hands-on experience with the gear and check out the RDM20 and RDM40 mixers in full effect. In addition, there will also be DJ sets for your pleasure. Enjoy a drink at the bar, listen to music, and be part of the gathering of music lovers, audio enthusiasts, and DJs.

Bonnefooi has amassed an almost inexhaustible collection of music spanning a wide range of music genres. Starting with a strong passion for Hip Hop music, Bonnefooi selects the most danceable tracks and takes his audience on a musical journey through Funk, Soul, Disco and much more.

Hellie has played a vital role in the Amsterdam DJ scene for more than a decade, displaying a strong commitment and enthusiasm in both the forefront and behind-the-scenes wor. The marriage of vinyl and digital makes Hellie one of the most eclectic artists on the Dutch music scene. Last but not least Simon J. Frank will be there as well.

Sunday, 22 October

Wake Up Breakfast

Recut will return for another morning session at Vrij Paleis. He will be accompanied by Yannick Robberts. This emerging Dutch artist is establishing a reputation for themselves in the electronic music scene. Yannick's unique interpretation of the deep, disco-infused Detroit house style exudes a warm and energetic vibe with a clean and minimal sound.

The Art of Making Records

Just in time for Sunday lunch, Oliver Bernstein will take over the panel stage and take you into the art and craft of vinyl manufacturing. Thanks to his many years of experience in vinyl distribution and previous work in the R.A.N.D. Muzik pressing plant he knows exactly what needs to be taken into account when preparing and realising vinyl production. Oliver is also a DJ and producer of electronic house and hip hop music from Dessau. Jumping from one musical genre to another, Oliver is able to bring unique musical sensations to life, remaining true to his electronic background.

Inch By Inch Pop-up Record Store Closing

We will make sure to end this week with a complete bang. The line-up for the closing will consists of multiple friends of Inch By Inch that have been with them since the very beginning. Put your dancing shoes on!

Diggy Doug is an upcoming talent behind the turntables/vinyl freak. Born in the Netherlands, this young DJ is active in all fields of EDM with a predisposition in House, Disco and Funk.

Drunkenstein is a German artist born in Leipzig who has been active in the electronic world for more than 20 years. His hip hop and dope beat background gives him a unique musical style spanning many different genres.

Roman Rauch, renowned Austrian electronic music producer and DJ, blends genres with his raw, groovy sound. Influenced by Vienna's electronic culture, he's a key player in the house scene. With dynamic DJ sets and innovation, he's a respected force in electronic music. Also Oliver and Arsy won't be missing in this last, but not the least, line-up.

lineup saturday festivalMake sure to wrap up ADE the right way, with our weekend program!

We cannot wait for this week to finally start, are you ready?! We sure are! Let's get the party started the 18th and dance the week away all the way until Sunday 22nd 10pm! We hope to see all your friendly faces there.

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