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By The Gigstarter Team on 16-03-2022 |

Being an independent artist allows you to keep full control of your artistic vision, this is the main reason why many musicians decide to not sign to a label. However, the investment that a label provides is something that becomes essential when as an artist you start getting some traction and international recognition. In this article, we share with you some ideas on how you can make up some budget for essentials like marketing and promoting your music without having to sign to a record label.


Co-rite is a platform that allows musicians to create a crowdfunding campaign for their releases. They host many types of musicians from pop to rock to hardstyle. The deal is that, with the help of the platform, you can host a campaign for a specific release and grant them distribution rights so they can upload your music on their behalf on streaming platforms. When a fan contributes to your crowdfund, they are able to listen to your track before it is released. You can post the link to your crowdfund on your socials and website to encourage those who are already following your journey to contribute. No matter what your budget maybe, if you are looking to get some funding for releasing your music, Co-rite is the platform for you.


Patreon is a popular platform for those who have a solid fanbase, popular with content creators that have a following on YouTube but it is also a good platform for musicians to use. The way you could create a revenue stream through this platform is by providing your fans with exclusive content and music if they are a Patreon to you, which is the word they use for subscribers on the platform. This can be anything from exclusive tracks or listening before release, or if you are a DJ you can give a masterclass on how to mix a perfect Techno or House set. You work on your own schedule and retain full control of all the content you decide to post on the platform. So the key to success here is to post regular entertaining content for your fans and with your income, you can invest in your musical career however you may like.


Crowdfunding is something that many businesses, especially startups, use to bring their business to a new level. IndieGogo could be the crowdfunding platform for you. Maybe your band just released your first EP and you want to do a small Vinyl pressing campaign? Similar to Patreon, IndieGogo is a more general platform for both individuals and businesses. When setting up a crowdfunding campaign, you would need specifics as to why people should contribute to your cause. For example, if it was to be to print 50 vinyl records, you would outline the cost needed for the printing and mastering, the advertising budget you would need, and maybe even the cost of paying a designer for artwork.

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