Booking a duo or trio? The advantages of booking a smaller band!

By Joost Zoeteman on 04-04-2019

Duos and trios are becoming more and more popular as a live music choice at weddings, conferences and other events. That makes sense, because there are a lot of advantages of booking a so-called ‘mini-band'. We highlighted a few!

Take a look at all the smaller formations at Gigstarter

An ensemble is easy to move around and needs little space

An ensemble doesn’t have a lot of equipment, so they can move around during their performance. Very useful when you want live music at the entrance when your guests arrive and want them to continue playing in a different part of your venue. Especially with the unpredictable weather in the United Kingdom, it’s useful that an ensemble can quickly move indoors when necessary. A different pro is that ensembles don’t need a lot of space to perform. Very useful in some venues!

Gigstarter act Lydia & Alex

Lower cost

The costs are lower! That’s something you can expect from most ensembles; they’re cheaper than big bands. Less musicians means less costs, but you still enjoy the presence of a band. An ensemble looks great at all events and doesn’t take up a lot of space. In short: a perfect addition to any party, event, wedding or anniversary!

Dawn Kelly & Neil Bailey

Your guests can still talk to each other

Ensembles are perfect to perform in the background of events. This way, your guests can still hear each other while the music is playing. A great addition to your party! Click on the red button to see the database of smaller formations at Gigstarter.

Take a look at all the smaller formations at Gigstarter

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