The Impact of Tribute Bands on the Dutch Music Industry

By The Gigstarter Team on 12-09-2023

Tribute bands, as a phenomenon, started back in the 1960s; however, they did not attract much attention until a decade later. One of the earliest examples of these formations is the Beatles tribute band named "Buggs." They inspired generations to pay homage to numerous artists, from Queen to Michael Jackson. In this article, we will dive deeper into the world of tribute musicians in the Netheralnds and introduce some of Gigstarter's talents, who could become a perfect match for your next event.

When the tribute bands started getting recognition across the globe, The Netherlands quickly embraced this trend, offering their unique view on legendary musicians and their discography. Local artists dedicated themselves not only to mastering the sound of every instrument but also create the remarkable visual aspect of the show with haircuts, make ups and costumes. Some of the greatest examples of Dutch scene are bands like "The Dutch Doors", "The Rolling Clones", "The Fortunate Sons" and many more. Throughout time the Dutch culture of tribute bands spread to the event sector as well. Numerous festivals dedicated their set lists fully to tribute bands offering a unique opportunity to witness multiple acts and eras of music in one place. From festivals like "TributeFest" and "Legends of Rock Tribute Tour" people started booking such musicians for their private events such as parties, weddings, business events etc. Gigstarter selected multiple tribute bands, which we think worth your attention and might inspire to organize next event with their participation.

The Beverly Brothers (Maastricht)

This tribute band decided to not tie themselves up to a certain musician, but instead pay homage to the finest songs from the 50's and 60's, when the auto-tune had yet to be invented. Their unique repertoire includes songs by Everly Brothers, Elvis Presley, Bee Gees, The Beatles etc and continues to grow exploring new sound for both members of ensemble. From living room concert to street party, from café to an intimate house concert: with only a cajón, a guitar and two pairs of vocal cords, every show of The Beverly Brothers is a feast for the ears!

The Aretha Franklin Experience (Amsterdam)

However, rock and pop are not the only genres tribute bands are contributing to. The Aretha Franklin Experience praises the soul of Aretha's legacy, who passed away back in 2018. This formation is the only complete and dynamic show in Europe, bringing the spirit and atmosphere of the 1960s and 1970s from Tennessee, straight to the Netherlands. The voice of the lead singer Njambi is able to convey extraordinary emotions and make the audience both dance and carefully listen to the saddest notes of the blues ballads. Even though this experience consists of total 12 musicians, The Aretha Franklin tribute band will be a great addition to a soul festival or even a company gala.

aretha franklin

Synchronity (Zevenhuizen)

Who does not know the classics like Every Breathe You Take, Roxanne and Message in a Bottle? The Police were the best power trio of the 80s and still immensely popular, which has motivated Synchronicity to start a band. These musicians are usually mentioned as the best Police tribute band in the Netherlands with a dazzling live act. Synchronicity created the authentic sound and put on a big show on every single gig! Apart from performing this tribute band took part in several competitions and was in the finals of the Heineken / Buzz Tribute tour together with the semi-finals of the Battle of Tribute bands.

While most of the tribute bands are often associated with paying homage to the artists of the past, there are also musicians who are dedicating their performances to currently active musicians. These bands capture the spirit and music of the contemporary artists, allowing fans to hear their all-time favorite tunes even if the original musicians are not touring at the moment. There exists tributes to Adele, Green Day, Killers etc. As an example of a Dutch formation, The Bruceband is celebrating the music of Bruce Springsteen. With a passion for this iconic rock sound and storytelling, they recreate the energy and excitement of his legendary live performances. They has been around for over 16 years and has owned a name at home and abroad. Such phenomenon glorifies the impact of contemporary musicians on the industry and proves that word “legendary” does not necessarily means “past”.

The John Mayer Tribute (Borculo)

One of the Gigstarter talents falling under this category is The John Mayer Tribute. With 15 records and 18 international music awards, you can say that John Mayer is an absolute hit monster. Armed with the guitar and sultry voice, he captivates the audience at every show. No wonder why he became an inspiration for Ruud Schouten, Zjon de Bruin, Bob Philipse and Patrick Rus, who created the wonderful tribute act in the Netherlands! Virtuose team work, conservatorium background, endless rehearsals and guitar tricks takes this band to a new level of professionalism. Watch out for guitar violence, cool solos and a great gig with The John Mayer Tribute!

john mayer band netherlands

In the variety of Dutch music, tribute bands owns a special place of artistry and passion. These talented ensembles breathe life into the music of legendary artists, bringing nostalgia to multiple generations and uniting fans across the world even when the original artist has passed away. Gigstarter is proud to be a home to these artists providing them with opportunity to be seen and heard.

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