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By The Gigstarter team on 13-05-2020

Gigstarter is the platform that allows you to book any kind of artists for a Gig on your summer terrace! Booking a musician for a concert has never been that easy. Do you have a restaurant or bar with a terrace and you want to have live music on a safe distance? Just publish a call and suitable artists will give up their availability. Get in direct contact with the artists via the platform trough the chat, and book live music for this summer on your terrace.

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Bar, Cafe and restaurant owners; make this summer special with live music

Are you the owner of a bar or do you manage the terrace of a cafe or restaurant? Then it's time for you to have a look on Gigstarter and check out all the available artist who can't wait to perform on your terrace. With live music you can celebrate the reopening of your company and give this summer a special twist to your terrace. Big festivals are forbidden, so why not make a small party of your terrace with live music to enjoy for everybody. Check the rules within your region about the exact possibilities of live music at a terrace.

This is how a Gig of the swanlock duo could look like on your terrace

Singer-songwriter, DJ and more to book for your terrace

You could book any sort of live music for your terrace! Artists are creative and flexible, specially when it come to perform in front of a terrace who is enjoying the sun and the drinks you serve. Through Gigstarter you will have direct contact with the artist and the option to discuss all possibilities. What about a singer-songwriter that performs happy summer songs? Or a DJ who performs some chill out music to get the good vibes going? It's possible!

terraceAcoustic singer-songwriters, like Harrison Coleman, are perfect for a terrace Gig!

Setting up a terrace Gig is easy

You can either search for yourself through our large database of artists and contact these artists directly through their Gigstarter profile. Or you can place a call on Gigstarter. By placing a call on the online platform we will invite those suitable artist to the call who match with your search criteria. They will communicate their availability for the terrace Gig. With the artist you can talk directly about the possibilities of the performance, the payment, the equipment that is needed and the songs that can be played.

Both services are completely for free. And when you book an artist, band, DJ or singer songwriter through Gigstarter you don't have to pay any commission or booking fee. Easy right? In case you have any questions you can email us:

Live music will create a memorable summer on your terrace! Have a look in the database of Gigstarter and contact an artist directly to discuss the possibilities. Let's make it an unforgettable summer!

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Gigstarter makes live music accessible to everyone. On you will find live music for your party easily. This service is free of charge for both artists as bookers. Take a look at the site and follow us on Facebook to stay updated about Gigstarter events and new talent.

No hassle. Just music.

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