Why you should take private music classes?

By The Gigstarter Team on 06-04-2022 |

Have you ever thought about learning how to play the guitar or the piano? Whether it is online or physical music classes, you have the choice between individual and group classes. The Gigstarter Team has listed some advantages that private music classes have.

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privatemusicclassesAn example of violin training

One-on-one attention

Whether your classes are to be online or at your teacher's teaching space, you are the one receiving their undivided attention. You, you and only you. Unlike a class setting, this is the perfect opportunity for you to ask technical questions tailored to your specific needs, while feeling supported throughout each step of your individual learning process. The main advantage of a private teacher is that they will be fully focused on your improvements and will put minimal pressure on your shoulders.

Quick progress

Thanks to dedicated coaching sessions, the teacher will always adapt to your evolving level. Whatever age and level are, you can make progress at your own pace and most of the time faster. They will be able to advise you precisely and offer you personalized lessons. Maybe you are more aural, visual or hands-on, it does not matter as the teachers perfectly know which teaching methods will fit your learning style the best.

At your own pace

With regular private classes arranged according to a customized schedule with your teacher, you can choose your own learning rhythm. Private music lessons allow you to study at your own pace and you won't be attempting to catch up with the rest of the class. If you work or go to university from 8am until 5pm every day, you can still find a teacher available at your convenient time on the platform Superprof. It's highly important to find a suitable teacher who meets your needs and agenda!

Customized repertoire

It is hardly possible to learn your favorite song when you study music with a group class. The teacher follows a specific that is meant for everyone. On the contrary, at private music classes, you have the opportunity to learn one of your preferred songs, you only need to ask. In fact, you will naturally be more motivated as you pursue your musical taste. Chopin, Mickael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, which song would you prefer to start with?

privatemusicclassesOur Gigstarter artist, Pamela Magal giving private singing classes in Madrid

Online possibilities

With COVID, loads of activities have to be done remotely and digitally: work, sport, exams. This also became the case for music lessons. So, if you prefer to take a private class instead of group classes for sanitary reasons or just for your convenience, the option is there.

At your place

With private music classes, you also have the option to host the teacher at your place and study music in the environment you are familiar with. It is a more comfortable way for you to practice as you won't waste time, money, and energy on getting to the location. Whether the music teacher comes to you or you go to their teaching location, you often have the flexibility and remember, it will always be a one-to-one session.

Greater accountability

Thanks to private music classes, you become truly accountable and you are responsible for your own success. In the classroom, you can discreetly “hide” and escape the teacher's questions, this will not be possible with a private teacher! Private lessons teach more personal discipline than group classes do.


Most music schools are a bit costly while some music enthusiasts might see it as time-consuming and tedious to sit in a classroom practicing. A private teacher is an affordable opportunity to learn music in a comfortable environment.

From private lesson to private concert

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