2017: the year of Gigstarter

By Tom on 02-01-2018

We look back on a successful year with Gigstarter. Some of our highlights of 2017 will feature in this blog; from the international expansion to the plans for 2018. Enjoy the recap of Gigstarter!

Further expansion

Last year we prepared the further European expansion of Gigstarter in 2017. With the launch of the website in Belgium, England, France and Germany this became reality. From now on, German Artists such as Isaac Roosevelt and the Belgian singer-songwriter Ives can be booked via Gigstarter.

One of the many new acts on the platform: the German singer Isaac Roosevelt.

A milestone: more than 3,000 artists

Gigstarter has grown exponentially last year. Partly due to the expansion to various countries, the number of artists in our database has grown enormously. But also in the countries where we started earlier, Netherlands and Spain, we see a growth of artist-registrations.

International expansion Gigstarter

Not only the database of artists continues to grow at Gigstarter. The requests for live music from clients are rising even faster. From the small living rooms to the big festivals, Gigstarter was used by all kinds of clients last year. As a result, the majority of the artists on Gigstarter has been approached for performances in 2017. A total of 5004 proposals and 721 calls have been sent to artists!

The Gigstarter Artist of the Year contest

For the first time in history, we had an international Gigstarter Artist of the Year contest. Dozens of acts from different countries competed for a place in the final in Amsterdam. In the end, the Spanish Desert Dog, the Dutch Dean and the Moonboys and the Belgian Lost From the Start played on the legendary stage of the church at Ruigoord.

After the three energetic performances, the experienced jury decided that the talented Dean and the Moonboys gave the best live show and went home with the prize package. Also the DJs were present on this day and that's why Gigstarter DJ of the year Mike Gerritsen ended this successful day with a nice DJ set.

Dean and the Moonboys during the Artist of the Year 2017 final.

In the media

We continue to tell the story of Gigstarter enthusiastically to everyone who loves music. Like the other activities at Gigstarter, this also got an international touch in 2017. For example, we were covered by the largest newspapers in Spain: El Mundo.

conference Gigstarter founders Paul and Erik at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year in Barcelona.


Last year we started successfully with our international expansion. We want to continue this success in several countries in Europe coming years. We may soon add another international expansion to the rich range of countries where we operate. In 2017 we also introduced the PRO+ membership, which allows ambitious musicians (and managers) to grow along with our international expansion and stimulate the exchange and talent development of artists between countries.

At this place, we want to thank everyone who helped us this past year and who cares about Gigstarter. 2018 will be a year full of live music and great developments at Gigstarter, thanks to your support. With less hassle and more music!

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