Steve MacDream Colours

  • Band   /   London
  • #Rock #Pop #Britpop
  • Sounds like Lou Reed, David Bowie, David Byrne, Oasis

Indication £600 - £1200

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Steve MacDream Colours, Rock, Pop, Britpop band

Steve MacDream Colours is a power pop trio rocking original songs. Their musical influences are very broad and include elements of rock, folk, blues, jazz and funk, all indistinguishably melted together in a fascinating blend of genres.
As a band, we feel very lucky to be able to create what we believe are distinctive pieces of music in a way that overall represent the complexity of who we are as individuals. Our desire is to convey feelings that are personal (perhaps imperfect), with songs that are worth sharing in a very simple and raw manner. 
 There is awareness in our way of being true to ourselves, with the purpose of giving birth to something new, organic and original, however small.


Walking In The Garden

Sweet MadNess

Living In The City


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Steve MacDream Colours, Rock, Pop, Britpop band

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Gigstarter about Steve MacDream Colours

Steve MacDream Colours is a band from London. Steve MacDream Colours plays Rock, Pop & Britpop music. Steve MacDream Colours has had no verified bookings through Gigstarter since signing up on 30/11/2020.

The music of Steve MacDream Colours is influenced by famous acts such as Lou Reed, David Bowie, David Byrne, Oasis. The repetoire of Steve MacDream Colours consists of only original songs.

Steve MacDream Colours has a price indication of £600 - £1200 for gigs. Keep in mind that things like sound equipment, travelling distance and play time typically influence the definitive price. Don't hesitate to contact the artist!