Robot Monkey

  • DJ   /   Cardiff
  • #House #Deep house #Tech House
  • Sounds like Nick Warren, Be Svendsen, Guy J, Nicholas Rada, John Cosani, Hraach, Golan Zocher

Indication £250 - £500

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Robot Monkey, House, Deep house, Tech House dj

Robot Monkey is a production group from South Wales. From the creation of their unique sound at underground parties in the heart of the Welsh countryside in 2017, they offer a unique, organic twist to the underground dance scene.

Their background experience comes from DJing since the late 90’s producing and spinning deep house, tech house, and progressive at discerning clubs in the U.K. and as far afield as Australia and Fiji. The percussion brings added effects with a focus on layering the congas and bongos over the deep bass lines. The live vocalists use tribal techniques that help elevate and elaborate on the ambient, mystical essence of the sounds and bring a presence of dynamic narrative, that encapsulates the audience into a spiritual ceremony that energises, awakes, and uplifts the soul.

Combined the group has created a unique tribal sound, whose sets are guaranteed to take their audience on a musical journey of ethereal sounds, effects, and spiritual dance! Catch them on Soundcloud and at their events and festivals in Wales and around the UK and further afield!


Robot Monkey - Cobra Gypsy

Robot Monkey - Requiem for ...

Robot Monkey - Acceptance


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Robot Monkey, House, Deep house, Tech House dj

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Gigstarter about Robot Monkey

Robot Monkey is a DJ from Cardiff. Robot Monkey plays House, Deep house & Tech House music. Robot Monkey has had no verified bookings through Gigstarter since signing up on 08/11/2021.

The music of Robot Monkey is influenced by famous acts such as Nick Warren, Be Svendsen, Guy J, Nicholas Rada, John Cosani, Hraach, Golan Zocher. The repetoire of Robot Monkey consists of covers and own songs.

Robot Monkey has a price indication of £250 - £500 for gigs. Keep in mind that things like sound equipment, travelling distance and play time typically influence the definitive price. Don't hesitate to contact the artist!