Miss Electric

  • DJ   /   Linz
  • #Techno #90s
  • Sounds like Ben Sims, Chris Liebing, Oliver Ho, James Ruskin, Gaetano Parisio....Damon Wild, ....

Indication £350 - £750

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Miss Electric, Techno, 90s dj

Martina Krassnigg, is an Austrian Music Producer and Record Label, Manager. Under her alias Miss Electric® she has been active in the underground techno scene since the 90 ́s and started her career back in 2003 as a DJ. Her tracks are the result of producing a 90’s old-school techno sound employing today's tools and music production techniques. Behind the decks, she crafts soundscapes which transport the dance floor to ethereal and intangible spaces while remaining loyal to the style that identifies her. Since 2006 she has signed releases to labels like Different Is Different Records, Primate Recordings, Primevil, Driving Forces, Advanced Records, Aesir Records and more. Miss Electric's music productions have been heard on DJ sets by Ben Sims, Stanny Franssen, Robert Armani or Dantiez Saunderson, a few examples.
‘MER’ is her record label, faithful to the old- school sound, it counts with music from legendary producers like Woody McBride, Ade Fenton, Mike Dearborn, Justin Berkovi, Ben Long or Hiroaki Iizuka.

Be sure to look out for Martina ́s upcoming projects and releases by following her social media channels... found on her website: @miss-electric.com


Miss Electric - Lemniskate

Miss Electric - Tribalism


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Miss Electric, Techno, 90s dj

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Gigstarter about Miss Electric

Miss Electric is a DJ from Linz. Miss Electric plays Techno & 90s music. Miss Electric has had no verified bookings through Gigstarter since signing up on 06/05/2019.

The music of Miss Electric is influenced by famous acts such as Ben Sims, Chris Liebing, Oliver Ho, James Ruskin, Gaetano Parisio....Damon Wild, ..... The repetoire of Miss Electric consists of covers and own songs.

Miss Electric has a price indication of £350 - £750 for gigs. Keep in mind that things like sound equipment, travelling distance and play time typically influence the definitive price. Don't hesitate to contact the artist!