Misha Dawn

  • Soloartist   /   Gloucester
  • #All-round
  • Sounds like Taylor Swift

Indication £100 - £400

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Misha Dawn , Allround soloartist

I have come along way since hiding in the corner at dance school since the age of 3 from shyness, now when I perform I really put on an exciting show! With over 200 performances to date I am no stranger to the stage. Dancing throughout the show.
In 2017 i was one of the lucky few that got the chance to go on X Factor, starting off with 4 yes's from the judges and then making it to Wembley Arena Boot Camp in front of 5000 people, woking with some off the top people in the industry has really made my live performances leave a lasting impression.

I sing many different genres and also my own songs which I write and produce, mixed with popular hit songs from genres such as Pop, RnB and soul. This year I will also be releasing 3 new songs.
Music is my life and I feel so privileged I can call it my profession. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than seeing other people smiling/dancing when i'm on stage.


Misha Dawn - Live It Up

Misha Dawn - Live It Up

Misha Dawn - It Works Best


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Misha Dawn , Allround soloartist

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Gigstarter about Misha Dawn

Misha Dawn is a solo artist from Gloucester . Misha Dawn plays All-round music. Misha Dawn has had no verified bookings through Gigstarter since signing up on 30/01/2018.

The music of Misha Dawn is influenced by famous acts such as Taylor Swift . The repetoire of Misha Dawn consists of covers and own songs.

Misha Dawn has a price indication of £100 - £400 for gigs. Keep in mind that things like sound equipment, travelling distance and play time typically influence the definitive price. Don't hesitate to contact the artist!