Besos Robados

  • Band   /   Barcelona
  • #Rock #Pop
  • Sounds like Fito y los Fitipaldis, Mclan, Pereza, Andrés Calamaro...

Indication £1000 - £10000

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Besos Robados, Rock, Pop band

Already from the beginning, Besos Robados demonstrated they were it with their first demo with which they got good reviews in blogs, they got the prize for "BEST ROCK ARTIST" on the platform CreatuDisco and won the Contest of Teloneros COCA-COLA CONCERTS CLUB. In 2015 they launched their first full-length cd "De boca en boca" from which they released 4 videoclips to promote it, taking them to a tour of more than 60 concerts where they supported Rubén Pozo (former Pereza), La M.O.D.A and The Rebels, and made the disc's presentations in Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia and Barcelona among other cities.


Besos Robados Ladronas

Gafas de Rock

Beber y Olvidar


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Besos Robados, Rock, Pop band

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Gigstarter about Besos Robados

Besos Robados is a band from Barcelona. Besos Robados plays Rock & Pop music. Besos Robados has had no verified bookings through Gigstarter since signing up on 30/07/2018.

The music of Besos Robados is influenced by famous acts such as Fito y los Fitipaldis, Mclan, Pereza, Andrés Calamaro.... The repetoire of Besos Robados consists of covers and own songs.

Besos Robados has a price indication of £1000 - £10000 for gigs. Keep in mind that things like sound equipment, travelling distance and play time typically influence the definitive price. Don't hesitate to contact the artist!