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By The Gigstarter Team on 26-02-2018

Join Europe’s largest platform specialized in live music, Gigs and arranging live music tours. Being an artist the ultimate goal is to have a live music tour. In this tour the most popular songs are played and maybe even some new music is shown. Organizing a live music tour is a lot of work. However, there are some people who are willing to help bands fulfil their dreams. We from Gigstarter are here to help artist pave their way to their first live music tour.

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How popular is Live Music?

Live music has been growing in the UK, in 2016 £4.4bn was generated in the UK by live music. In the past, music clips were really popular. Nowadays people in the UK seem to be more interested in live music. However, performing live can be difficult. Not every artist is able to give a good live performance. We from Gigstarter think live music is the best music. That’s why every artist has to upload a live performance on its profile. Before any band can organize a live music tour they should be sure they perform well live.

Music.. Where to start the Live Music Tour?

Nowadays there are so many types of music. It is hard to determine what music to make and may be even harder to play unique music. Being an artist you have to make unique music since there are so many artists making music nowadays. We from Gigstarter think there is only way may to make unique music. That is to follow your music heart. Every artist starting making music for a reason. Some for the love of music and others because they feel free when making music. If you want to make unique music make sure you found back the reasons you started making music. This is were unique music starts. This is what differentiates an artists’ music from other artists’ music.


The first live music tour

From performing the first gig as a band to arranging the first Live Music tour seems like a long way. However, we from Gigstarter offer an opportunity for bands to arrange Live Music tours. The first step of your tour is to get international bookings. Therefore, Gigstarter offers the opportunity to make an international profile. These international bookings are the first step to your tour. Our Gigstarter team can also advice you on your tour. Are you interested in Live Music tours? Take a look at Gigstarter.

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