The idea The idea of Gigstarter started when we were in a small club in the city center of Amsterdam. After an energetic performance by a ‘hardcore post-punk’ duo, a folk band was called to stage. The inevitable happened: before the second chord the entire audience of the first band left the building.

The owner of the club totld us how hard it is to arrange a good lineup with matching acts, especially when the budget is more or less constrained. Paul and Julio (two of Gigstarter's co-founders), both being in a band, knew from experience that there's countless bands longing to play in front of an audience. In this digital age, where all information is just two clicks away, we find it bizarre that finding and booking good live acts is such a hassle.

Gigstarter was founded to remove the barriers to booking live music. From large, professional events to intimate living room concerts. We have turned our idea into reality out of a love and passion for music. We believe in bringing parties together in a free and open marketplace. We constantly improve our service, and keep adding features to the platform. Book your live gigs via, or sign up as a musician via this page. Let us know what you find of Gigstarter via!

We work with a small and dedicated that that now consists of Paul de Kuyper (who plays the bass in Nootmuskaat), Mark Teisman, Tom van der Velpen, Erik de Kuyper, Bahareh Amali, Barbara Spaanjaars and Wouter Ruoff. Whether you're a musician, music lover, or just want to have a talk with us - feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee in our Amsterdam office. We're located at the Paleisstraat 107, just behind the Dam square.

No hassle. Just music.

Gigstarter currently also is present in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Germany.

Gigstarter team

FLTR Paul, Tom en Mark. Photo by Mark van der Zouw.