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  • #Trip hop #R&B #Pop
  • Sounds like sevdaliza, james blake, bjork, lana del rey, lady gaga, acra, abra, kelela, eartheater, mykki blanco, coucou chloe, sega bodega, shygirl
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Indication £300 - £400

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Giek_1, Triphop, R&B, Pop soloartist

Giek_1's confronting and healing liveset tells a story of hope and strength amidst the escapism and passion fuelled confusion of our generation, through vivid, almost meditative lyrics and a deeply personal, trance, gabber and rnb nostalgia infused experimental ambient pop sound.--

I am a certified theatre artist and have a lot of experience in theatre, comedy and since 3 years music. I write lyrics, sing, rap and I've produced most of my liveset. I call it 'deconstructed avantgarde pop'. The set goes from deep emotional shoegaze like pop to triphop and from avantgarde bass tracks to, with trance, gabber and classical music influenced, R&B. All emplified with a spiritual and enchanting angelvoice. I have a strong stage personality with exentric looks. From september on I will start releasing 4 EP's with at least 10 videos, including a virtual reality video. Behind me I got a strong international team and promotionplan.
Some gigs I did / lined up:
Support for Negative Gemini Subbacultcha in Sugar Factory Amsterdam10-10-2018
Vrankrijk Amsterdam 19-09-2018
Paradiso x Moam Amsterdam 13-09-2018
Pluk de nacht festival Amsterdam 18-08-2018
Chainsclub Hamburg 23-02-2018
Milkshake Festival Amsterdam 29-07-2017
Lost on the internet ~EP release Giek_1 w/ LYZZA, EYCEE OT301 Amsterdam 22-07-2017
Queens of the industry KOTI Rotterdam 27-05-2017
Telemagic: Midnight TELEShopping ☢ Para-Tech-Fair 21-04-2017
Cyber-sensuality // NXS the release event 18-03-2017

☢ Giek_1 is an online identity who is trying to manifest in the ‘real’ world. A transcending and emotional awakening towards consciousness about the escapism of our sensitive generation. An attempt to unite the off- and online world by music, performance and video. Get lost on this personal journey overindulged with intensity, struggles, fantasy and sexuality. Flowing from slowtempo avantgarde R&B to hyped up ballroom, via some heavy bass back to shoegaze-like pop with a lot of trance and gabber influences. This all combined with her angelic voice.
Get lost with this Cyber Ghetto Angel. ☢


Hardest storm DEMO

Release me DEMO

Hit of your heart DEMO


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Giek_1, Triphop, R&B, Pop soloartist

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Gigstarter about Giek_1

Giek_1 is a solo artist from Amsterdam. Giek_1 plays Triphop, R&B & Pop music. Giek_1 has had 1 verified booking through Gigstarter since signing up on 18/07/2018.

The music of Giek_1 is influenced by famous acts such as sevdaliza, james blake, bjork, lana del rey, lady gaga, acra, abra, kelela, eartheater, mykki blanco, coucou chloe, sega bodega, shygirl . The repetoire of Giek_1 consists of only original songs.

Giek_1 has a price indication of £300 - £400 for gigs. Keep in mind that things like sound equipment, travelling distance and play time typically influence the definitive price. Don't hesitate to contact the artist!