Recap: Musikmesse Frankfurt 2018

By Dana Foth on 18-04-2018

Every year, thousands of music lovers make a pilgrimage to one of Germany’s biggest cities: Frankfurt. At the Musikmesse Festival they are testing and buying the newest instruments, listening to talks about different aspects of music and for networking with other musicians. Last weekend, Gigstarter was in the frontline of this inspiring and vibrant atmosphere to provide you with an impression of the event.

Test Instruments in Real Life

Although it becomes increasingly more common to sell your instruments online, a lot of musicians prefer to test their tools in real life. At the Musikmesse many exhibitors showed off what they have to offer – from massive grand piano’s, to synthesizers and electrical guitars. Even if you are already set with your favorite guitar that’s almost like a family member to you, it is still impressive to see the variety and quality of the instruments present at the event.

musikmesOne of the many exhibition halls during Musikmesse

Part of the program offers you the possibility to join workshops on how to play exotic instruments like an accordion, the harmonica or you can also create a tropical feeling with playing the ukulele. It seems like there is endless possibilities to explore your creativity with experts in the industry, which makes it hard to walk anywhere without hearing the energizing drum solo of someone.

Talks about Music Related Topics

Regardless of the, almost overwhelming, variety of music instruments there were also presentations, discussions and educational talks around the overarching theme of music. A secluded part of the event was reserved for specific business talks where professionals from the music industry, the European Commission for Culture as well as Music Export Offices were giving a future outlook from their background about the music industry.

musikmesssMany talks and lectures at the Musikmesse, for example at the Musicbiz & Culture Forum

The representative of the European Commission Fiona Deuss-Frandi emphasized that stronger collaboration between countries and professionals within the industry is required to help musicians sustain their art and make a living out of their music. Read more about this subject on the website of Music Moves Europe. However, there were also more practical presentations about components of a successful song and the steps that follow after you have written your first song. These presentations were especially helpful for independent musicians because they provide them with professional background knowledge in a compact and digestible manner.

Artists such as Cory Henry are also at the Musikmesse, trying the newest gear

Networking opportunities

Events such as the Musikmesse are a melting pot for musicians and professionals in the music industry – therefore, it is the perfect chance to put yourself out there and do some networking. Whether it is during the event itself or at the 4-day music festival that is organized in several venues in Frankfurt, it is a great opportunity to expand your network, listen to some tunes and get to know people that share your passion for music. Apart from all the fun you will have while doing that, you never know, maybe the person standing next to you at a concert is a talent scout, an artist manager or a band that you could organize a tour with. Think outside the box and be open for new opportunities - the Musikmesse in Frankfurt is definitely the place to be for people working in the music industry.

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