M-Bizz recap part 1: Three Phases of Branding an Artist

By Dana Foth on 06-02-2018

The M-Bizz workshop started with a passionate presentation of Cyriel Marijnissen (Branding Manager and Music Publisher) about Artist Branding. In general, it can be said, that it’s important to see Social Networks as tools to reach your audience. The following phases will outline more in-depth on how to utilize Online Communication for your Artist Branding!

Phase 1 – Depth

See this phase as an introduction to your audience. Who are you? What are your beliefs; why do you do the things the way you do? And what are you actually doing? It is crucial to be yourself, authentic and consistent with the messages you send out on your own Social Media Channels. Meaning you can’t promote vegetarianism and the next day post a picture with a juicy T-bone steak. Find your Unique Selling Point (USP), something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Be open and think outside of the box when it comes to this aspect.

m-bizz Artists and managers listening to Cyriel during the presentation.

Phase 2 – Spread

Once you’ve defined your USP, present it to the world through your Social Media Channels.
The aim is to increase your reach, meaning your online following. This will list you higher on Facebook and Instagram since the algorithms determine what’s important and interesting content. With this higher listing, more people will recognize and see your art and music. Eventually, the goal is to be mentioned by other platforms than your own. For you as an artist, that could be a music-blogger, a radio station or maybe an NGO that likes that you’re promoting human rights with your music. In Marketing this step is called ‘Earned Media’.

Phase 3 – Conversion

In Phase 1 and 2 you’ve established a substantial community of online followers and managed that other platforms are aware of you and mention you in their posts. The more people you reach with this, the more people will see you popping by on their newsfeed, or read about you. Chances are, that also people in the music industry will eventually catch up on you and your first bookings and gigs will follow. The desired goal is to play more and more gigs in bigger venues until you reach your goal as an artist (whatever your goal may be).

John John Coffey at Pinkpop festival, foto by Bart Heemskerk

Lastly, it is important to mention that the work doesn’t end here. Although the term ‘Phase’ might be misleading, it is essential to understand that these are ongoing processes. Just because you played a big gig last month doesn’t mean you can stop being active on your Social Media Channels. Keep up the work and provide your audience with relevant and interesting content, whether that is about a new album, a catchy selfie or an article that you found particularly intriguing. With these steps, you have the tools to shape your future and achieve your dreams. Next week we have part 2 about the interesting M-Bizz workshop, focused on your unique selling point as an artist!

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