Looking for musicians? Place a call for live music at Gigstarter

By Barbara on 08-11-2017

At Gigstarter we have live music for every occasion which can be found on our platform. If you need some help finding the perfect artist you can place a call on Gigstarter. A very popular function which brings many artists and bookers in contact with each other.

What is a call?

Using an online form, the booker fills in all the specifics they are looking for.
See it as a ‘looking for musicians’ pinboard. The team of Gigstarter matches the wishes of the booker to a fitting artist. These artists will receive the details of the event and can respond if they are available or not.
A process that brought hundreds of bookers and musicians together.

The call in practice

Tom from Gigstarter: ‘We see the most fantastic scenario’s through the call function. One time there was a music café who searched a replacement band for the same day the call was placed. By posting this call the booker suddenly had to choose between eleven bands who were very enthusiastic to play that evening!
Eventually it was up to Banty Holler to make it a wonderful night. Café owner was relieved, the band had a nice gig and the audience had a great evening. One of many examples from the success of placing a call.’

In total, there have been over a 1000 calls. Including the countries like Spain and Belgium, where Gigstarter has expanded to recently. Pop and rock are the most popular genres in Spain and rockabilly is definitely the most favourite in Belgium

Tips for placing a call

If you search live music through a call from Gigstarter these tips might help you:

1. Clearly describe what kind of music it is you are looking for
Be clear in the description of your call. For example, be as detailled as possible with the genre and if you are looking for a band or a solo-artist. A party for 200 guests is completely different from a concert in your living room.

2. Be patient with responds
Give artists some time to react to the call. Most of the time they need to discuss this with multiple band members. You’ll get an email if artists are available.

3. Do you have interest in an artist? Let them know!
To be as clear and direct possible, it is best to let the artist know if you are interested. This way the artist can save the date. Same for letting know you are NOT interested.

We hope for many more calls to come national and international! Place a call yourself if you are looking for live music and be surprised with the outcome!

Are you interested in the music industry, tips for artists and Gigstarter? Please read our blog.

Gigstarter makes live music accessible to everyone. On gigstarter.co.uk you will find live music for your party easily. This service is free of charge for both artists as bookers. Take a look at the site and follow us on Facebook to stay updated about Gigstarter events and new talent.

No hassle. Just music.

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