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By The Gigstarter Team on 26-02-2018

*Every artists wants to know how to get more music Gigs. There are many ways to get more music gigs as an artists. In this blog Gigstarter will tell you what artists can do to get more music gigs. We don’t claim to have the strategy. However, we do got some hands on tips to get more music gigs. The first step to get more gigs is creating a profile on Gigstarter’s platform. Many of our customers claim to get more gigs after registering at our platform. *

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Get more Gigs

Although some artists get a lot of money for doing one performance, some artists have to work harder to get their first gig. Getting gigs is important as a starting artist. If a new artist gets more gigs the popularity of the artists gets a boost as well.

The market for music

Some people feel insecure because there are so many artists that make music. However, these people forget that there are all types of music. Being an artist means that you love music and love to play music. The fact that there are more artists making music does not mean nobody will book gigs for your music. The best way is to be unique when making your own music. Stay true to your own music vibe and trust that there are people who will love your music. Our platform categorizes all types of music genres. When bookers look for a music genre Gigstarter provides these bookers with the right music. Any artists who signs up at Gigstarter can categorize itself in several music genres. We make sure that your music will be found by the right music lovers.


Interesting Gigs

As an artist it is important to watch other artists’ Gigs. By analysing the gigs of the ‘competition’ a lot can be learned about gigs. Having your first gig is important. However, artists have to make sure to give away a good first gig to get more gigs in the future. Before starting your first gig make sure to prepare very well for the gig. The best advertisement for a band is a good gig. We always advice to put a live gig online so people know what to expect from your gigs. Another way to get more gigs is signing up to our platform. Interested in getting more Gigs? Take a look at Gigstarter.

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