Buma Music in Motion 2018 shows the power of networking

By Tom van der Velpen on 29-05-2018

Buma Music in Motion is an event focused on innovative use of music in media. On this eight edition of the event, held in the Tolhuistuin Amsterdam, the power of networking came back in every aspect of this day.

Music in Games

The day started with the keynote panel about a fast growing creative industry: the gaming industry. The room was packed with composers who want to get their music integrated in various games. Speakers like Brandon Young (Activision) gave clear insights in the industry, 'For big titles we choose more famous composers but for the lesser known games we definitely look at upcoming artists.' Additionally, composer Wilbert Roget II (Call of Duty WWII, Lara Croft) states, 'I love videogames and especially Call of Duty. That’s why I looked up the people working with the game, and I emailed them. It's important to be clear in the email what differentiates you from other composers; that can be an instrument, a style or something else. Many artists make the mistake to note that they sound like another artist. Well, the client will most likely contact that other artist if he wants that sound."

panelThe keynote panel with Brandon Young, Wilbert Roget II, Joris de Man and Lucas van Tol. Pictures by Maurice Vinken and Jorn Baars

Publicity during Filmfestival

PR-consultant Thomas Mikusz from Vienna has already represented various composers at major Film Festivals, such as Berlinale, Festival de Cannes and Sundance. In the atmospheric garden house he talked about his work and gave some advice about networking on filmfestivals. 'Everywhere are people working in the film industry during these film festivals. You can see them in the train to the festival, in restaurants, at the viewings. Just talk to them and be genuinely interested. Don't be too rushed, take your time and really get to meet the person. That's how I always got the best contacts.'

thomasThomas Mikusz from White Bear Public Relations

Power of Covers

The last five to ten years we have seen an explosion in the use of covers of well-known songs across all media. The panel with speakers like Ilana Goldstoff (Sizzer Amsterdam) conveyed a good impression of the process of creating and placing successful covers in advertisements and trailers. All three speakers were enthusiastic about covers that surprise the listener, especially a song that you only recognize halfway through the song. The panel notes that not only the public can appreciate these kind of covers, but also the clients for whom they work. Ilana talked about a Heineken commercial she worked on. At an early stage she was involved in the process and she was quiet certain that it had to be an iconic track. She suggested a cover which was even better suitable for the commercial than the original. Check out the commercial and let us know what you think!

Heineken presents - Jackie Stewart in: When You Drive, Never Drink

Survivalguide for Composers

Writer and composer Karl Heortweard gave a preview of his upcoming book "You Shoot, I Score!" - a survival guide for media composers in the Netherlands. After sharing a couple of themes in the book, he made a clear statement. 'If we want to take the use of music seriously in the Dutch movie industry, there have to be more lessons about the use of music at the filmacademies. In that way, upcoming directors and producers will know the possibilities and the benefits of using music in productions!'


At the end of the day, we practiced what was preached: in the beautiful, sunny garden of the Tolhuistuin we talked to publishers, composers and festival organizers. Buma Music in Motion, again, was an inspiring day and resulted in many new contacts in the forever changing music industry. We are looking forward to next year!

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